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Boy Names That Start With A | Baby Boy and Girl Name | Baby | Small Baby Boy and Girl Name

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A beautiful name is the gift for us we receive only when we have a physical existence on earth. If you've been searching for a good name for a Muslim baby, you are wellcome to our right Website. In this Website, you can easily find out Islamic names with good meaning for your beloved child/Babies.

You can now find beautiful Islamic name in order (A-Z) on this Website.

Let's review the name of a babys from the given below in table.

“ Every child is held in pledge for his’ Aqeeqah which is sacrificed for him on his seventh day, and he is named on it and his head is shaved” ”
- Abu Dawud


افشانAfshanSprinkling; Scattering
افشانهAfshaneh Sprinkling; Scattering
افشیدAfshidSplendour Of The Sun
افشیدهAfshidehSplendour Of The Sun
آهنگAhangHarmony, Melody, Tune
عهدیهAhdiyehCovenant Follower
اخترAkhtarStar; Name Of A Flower (Arrowroot, Indian Shot)
اکرمAkram Honorable; Great
آلالهAlalehA Flower (Buttercup)
افسونAfsoonCharm, Spell, Bewitchment; A Fascination
عقیقAghigh Name Of A Stone
الیاAlya Marshmallows (A Pink-Flowered Perennial Herb)
عنبرAnbar Ambergris
آمنهAmenehTruthful; Sincere; Name Of Mohammad’S Mother
آمیتریسAmestris Friend, Companion
آلیشAlish Flame, Flammable
عالیهAliyehNoble, Highest Social Standing; Great
آلماAlma Apple
آناAna Mother
آناهیتاAnahita Name Of Deity Worshipped By Ancient Iranians (Goddess Of Water)
انارامAnaramEndless Light
آندیاAndiaName Of Ardeshir I’S (Achaemenid) Babylonian Wife
انیسAnis A Friend, Companion
امیرهAmireh A Female Ruler
آمیتیسAmitisName Of One Of Kourosh The Great’S Wife
آموتیاAmutiyaDamsel (In Zand)
انوشکAnoushakName Of Women During Sassanid Era; Eternal
انوشهAnushehHappy, Fortunate; Eternal
انورAnvar Brighter
آراAraOrnament, Decoration
آرام بانوAram-BanouQuiet Lady, Peaceful Lady, Tranquil Lady
انیساAnisa A Friend, Companion
انیسهAniseh A Friend, Companion
آنیتاAnitaThe Plant Myrtle (In Zand)
آرمانArmanIdeal, Hope, Aspiration
آرمین دختArmindokhtCheerful Girl; Name Of Ancient Princesses
آرمیتاArmitaRighteous, Virtuous, Good
ارنوازArnavazEloquent Speaker; A Character In Shahnameh (Jamshid’S Sister)
اروساArousaName Of An Indian Plant
آروشا / اروشاAroushaWhite; Bright
آرتاArta Country (In Zand)
آرتادختArtadokht Secretary Of Treasury Of A Parthian (Ashkanian) King (Ardavan Iv); Also Name Of Sassanid Queen; Righteous And Truthful Girl
آرتمیسArtemis Speaker Of Truth; Female Admiral Of The Persian Navy During Xerxes Reign
آرتنوسArtoonisTruthful; Name Of The Daughter Of One Of Dariush’S Generals
اروانهArvanehA Wild Violet
آریانAryanRelated, Belonging To The Aryans
آریاناAryanaRelated , Belonging To The Aryans
آساAsaDecoration; Majesty; Like, Similar To; Quiet; Name Of Shapour Ii Sassani’S Sister
آصفهAsefehWise Woman
اشرفAshraf Nobler Or Noblest
آسیهAsiehThe Name Of Pharoah’S Wife Who Educated Moses
آتانازAtanazFather’S Sweetheart, Daddy’S Girl
عاطفهAtefeh Affection
عطیفهAtifeh Gentle, Docile Woman
Atiyeh Gift
آتوساAtoosaName Of Kourosh’S (The Great) Daughter, Who Was Also The 1St Wife Of Darius I, And Mother Of Khashayar; Also Name Of Cambyses’ (Sassanid) Wife
آتوشهAtooshehName Of King Shapur’S Aunt (The Classical Atoosa)
آواAvaVoice, Call
آوندAvandVessel; Proof; A Throne
آویدهAvidehDivine Abundance
آوینAvin Love
آویساAvisa Clear Water
آویشAvishWild Marjoram, Oregano, Thyme
آویشنAvishanWild Marjoram, Oregano, Thyme
آویشهAvishehWild Marjoram, Oregano, Thyme
آویزAvizA Pendant
آویزهAvizehA Pendant
آویژهAvizhehPure; Beloved
آیداAyda In The Moon;
آیدانAydanFrom The Moon; Resembling The Moon (Beautiful)
آیلاAyla Moonlight; Halo Around The Moon
آیلینAylin Halo (Around The Moon)
آینازAynaz The Moon’S Sweetheart
آیساAysa Resembling The Moon (Beautiful)
آیسانAysan Resembling The Moon (Beautiful)
آیسلAysal Resembling The Moon (Beautiful)
آیسانAysanResembling The Moon (Beautiful)
آیتانAytan One Resembling The Moon (As In Beauty)
آذرخشAzarakhshFlash Of Fire
آذرانAzaranFiery, Fires
آذرجهرAzarchehrEssence Of Fire
آذردادAzardadGiven By Fire
آذردختAzardokhtDaughter Of Fire
آذرگلAzargolA Flower (Windflower)
آذرگونAzargunThe Color Of Fire; Name Of A Flower
آذرینAzarinChamomile Flower; Related To Fire; A Achaemenid Princess Who Was Also A General
آذرمهرAzarmehrName Of A Fire Temple
ارستوArastuA Swallow
آرایهArayehAdorn; Ornament
آرزوArezooWish; A Character In Shahnameh (Salm’S Wife And Fereydoon’S Daughter-In-Law)
آذرافروزAzarafrouzIlluminating Fire;
آذرکAzarakSmall Fire; Name Of The Daughter Of A Sassanid King
آزرمیدختAzarmidokht Daughter Of Khosrow Parviz Sassani, Sister Of Pourandokht, And 2Nd Queen Who Ruled Over The Sasanian Empire
آذرمیناAzarminaThe Fiery Liquid Used In Enameling
آذرنوشAzarnoushName Of A Fire Temple; Eternal Fire; Name Of A Female Sassanid General
آذرشینAzarshinA Salamander
آذریاسAzaryasGum Of Wild Rue
آژندAzhandName Of A Flower
آزادهAzadehNoble; A Character In Shahnameh (Goshtasp’S Mother)
آزاد دختAzad-DokhtFree Girl
آذرAzarFire, 9Th Month Of The Iranian Calendar
آذینAzinDecoration, Ornament
آذین بانوAzinbanuLovely, Graceful Lady
آذین دختAzindokhtLovely, Graceful Girl
آزیتاAzitaName Of An Iranian Princess
عزیزAziz Precious, Dear
عزیزهAzizeh Precious, Dear
AabanAaban8Th Persian Month, Angel Of Iron
AabdarAabdarBright, Like Glass.
AadamAADAMThe First Prophet Of Allah, And First Human Being Sent To The Earth.
AadheenAadheenObedient, Submissive.
AadhilAadhilHonorable Judge, One Who Jugdes Fairly.
AalamاعلامThe World, The Universe.
Aaleeتشاركية الأعاليSublime, High.
AaliالعاليHigh, Tall.
AalimAalimScholar Plural Is Ulama Normally Used For Religious Scholors
AamilAamilDoer, Work Man.
AarizAarizLeader, Ruler, Leader Of Nation.
AarzamAarzamWar, Battle, Quarrel.
AashirAashirLiving; Spending A Life.
AasifAasifAn Able Minister.
AasirAasirCaptivating, Fascinating.
AatifعاطفKind Affectionate.
AatiqAatiqFree; Liberated; Independent; Name: Aatiq Ali; Muhammad Aatiq
AasaalAasaalEvening Time, Real, Pure
AashifAashifBold, Courageous.
Aashiq Aliعاشق عليAdorer Of Ali.
Aashiq Muhammadعاشق محمدAdorer Of The Prophet Muhammad.
AbahhAbahhAl-Abahh Was The Nickname Of Al Hasan Ibn Ibrahim, An Astrologer Of Al Mamun
AbanحظرOld Arabic Name.
AbasinAbasinThe Indus River.
AbbaasعباسGloony Look,The Uncle Of The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) And Well-Known Sahabi(Ra).
AbbadعبادA Great Worshipper Of Allah, Several Men Have Passed Bearing This Name Among Them Abu Abbad Jabir Ibn Zayd Of The Court Of Al Mamun
AaufAauf(Awf) Guest, Fragrance, Lion, Name Of A Sahabi.
Aazimإعجاز يبهر العقولIntending; Determining, Resolved On, Applying The Mnind To An Undertaking.
AbaanأبانName Of A Great Muahaddith Scholar Of Hadith.
AbadiyaAbadiyaIbn Al Abadiyah Was An Author Known For His Eloquent Literary Style.
AbahatAbahatCorrect, Accurate
AbdعبدServant, Devotee, Slave.
Abd Al-Alaعبد العلاSlave Of The High.
Abd Khayrعبد خيرKhayr Is All Kinds Of Goodness And Happiness. This Was The Name Of Ibn-Yazid Al-Khaywani Who Fought With Sayyidina Ali Ra.
AbdahابداحNick Name Of Abdur - Rehman Bin Sulayman The Father Of Muhammad Ibn Abdur Rahman, The Genealogist.
AbdanالعبدانIs Derived From Abd; A Man, Ibn Abi Harb Had This Name And Al-Jahiz Wrote Letters To Him
Abdud Daarعبد الضارServant Of The Depriver
AbboodAbboodDevoted Worshipper Of Allah.
Abdul Adlعبد العدلServant Of The Just
Abdul Afuwعبد العفوServant Of The Forgiver
Abdul Ahadعبد الاحدServant Of The Only One (Allah).
Abdul Aleemعبد العليمServant Of The All-Knowing (Allah).
Abdul Aliعبد عليServant Of The Most High.
Abdul Aakhirعبد آخرServant Of The Last
Abdul Aaleeعبد العاليServant Of The Most High.
Abdul Adalعبد العالServant Of The Just
Abdul Azimعبد العظيمServant Of The Mighty (Allah).
Abdul Azizعبد العزيزServant Of The Almighty.
Abdul Baariعبد الباريServant Of The Creator.
Abdul Baasitعبد الباسطServant Of The Extender And Creator.
Abdul Badeeعبد البديعServant Of The Inventor
Abdul Badiعبد البديعServant Of The Incomparable
Abdul Aliyyعبد العاليServant Of The Most High
Abdul Awwalعبد الاولSlave Of The First One.
Abdul Azeezعبد العزيزThe Servant Of The Most Powerful.
Abdul Bariعبد الباريSlave Of The Creator
Abdul Barrعبد البرServant Of The All-Benign.
Abdul Baseerعبد البصيرSlave Of The All-Seeing.
Abdul Basirعبد البصيرServant Of The All Seeing
Abdul Baisعبد بايسSlave Of The One Who Raises From Death.
Abdul Baithعبد بايثServant Of The Resurrector
Abdul Baqiعبد الباقيServant Of The Everlasting (Allah).
Abdul Ghafoorعبد الغفورServant Of The Forgiver
Abdul Ghafurعبد الغفورServant Of The All-Forgiving.
Abdul Ghaniعبد الغنيServant Of The All-Sufficient.
Abdul Basitعبد الباسطServant Of The Expander (Allah).
Abdul Batinعبد الباطنServant Of The Inward.
Abdul Fattahعبد الفتاحServant Of The Conqueror (Allah).
Abdul Ghafaarعبد الغفارServant Of The Forgiver
Abdul Ghaffarعبد الغفارServant Of The All-Forgiving (Allah).
Abdul Hakamعبد الحكمServant Of The Arbitrator.
Abdul Hakeemعبد الحكيمServant Of The All-Wise (Allah).
Abdul Hakimعبد الحكيمServant Of The Judge (Allah).
Abdul Haleemعبد الحليمServant Of The Mild And Patient
Abdul Halimعبد الحليمServant Of The All-Element (Allah).
Abdul Hafeezعبد الحفيظServant Of The Guardian (Allah).
Abdul Hafizعبد الحفيظServant Of The Protector
Abdul Haqqعبد الحقServant Of The Truth
Abdul Haseebعبد الحسيبServant Of The Reckoner.
Abdul Hasibعبد حسيبServant Of The Respected, Esteemed
Abdul Hameedعبد الحميدServant Of The All-Laudable (Allah).
Abdul Hamidعبد الحميدServant Of The Praised One
Abdul Hannanعبد الحنانSlave Of The Merciful Forgiving.
Abdul Haqعبد الحقServant Of The Truth (Allah).
Abdul Jameعبد الجامعServant Of The Gatherer
Abdul Jamilعبد الجميلServant Of The Beautiful (Allah).
Abdul Jawwadعبد الجوادSlave Of The Most Bountiful.
Abdul Hayyعبد الحيServant Of The Living (Allah).
Abdul Jabaarعبد الجبارServant Of The Mighty.
Abdul Jabbarعبد الجبارServant Of The All-Compeller/The Omnipotent (Allah).
Abdul Jaleelعبد الجليلServant Of The Great And Revered
Abdul Jalilعبد الجليلServant Of The Exalted (Allah).
Abdul Karimعبد الكريمServant Of The Most Generous (Allah).
Abdul Khabirعبد الخبيرSlave Of The One Who Is Aware.
Abdul Khafizعبد الخفيظServant Of The Descender
Abdul Kabirعبد الكبيرServant Of The Great
Abdul Kafiعبد الكافيServant Of The All-Sufficient (Allah).
Abdul Kareemعبد الكريمServant Of The Noble And Generous
Abdul Lateefعبد اللطيفServant Of The Kind
Abdul Latifعبد اللطيفServant Of The All-Gentle (Allah).
Abdul Khaliqعبد الخالقServant Of The Creator (Allah).
Abdul Majeedعبد المجيدServant Of The All-Glorious (Allah).
Abdul Majidعبد المجيدServant Of The All-Glorious (Allah).
Abdul Malikعبد الملكServant Of The King (Allah).
Abdul Maalikعبد الملكServant Of The Owner (Allah).
Abdul Maaneعبد المعينServant Of The Withholder
Abdul Moezعبد المعزServant Of The Honourer
Abdul Mohsiعبد المحسيServant Of The Surrounder
Abdul Momitعبد MomitServant Of The Death-Giver
Abdul Maniعبد المانيSlave Of One Who Prevents.
Abdul Mannanعبد المنانSlave Of The Benefactor.
Abdul Mateenعبد المتينSlave Of The Firm.
Abdul Matinعبد المتينServant Of The Strong (Allah).
Abdul Moakhirعبد المخيرServant Of The Retarder
Abdul Mueedعبد المعيدSlave Of The Restorer, The Replroducer.
Abdul Mughniعبد المغنيServant Of The Enricher
Abdul Muhaiminعبد المهيمنServant Of The All-Preserver (Allah).
Abdul Moqitعبد المقيتServant Of The Energizer
Abdul Mubdeeعبد المبديSlave Of The Originator.
Abdul Mubdiعبد المبديServant Of The Originator
Abdul Muhyeeعبد محييSlave Of The One Who Gives Life And Sustains It.
Abdul Muhyiعبد محييServant Of The Giver Of Life
Abdul Muidعبد المعيدServant Of The Restorer (Allah).
Abdul Muhayminعبد المحيمينSlave Of The Protector.
Abdul Muhsiعبد المحسيServant Of The Reckoner
Abdul Muminعبد المؤمنServant Of The All-Faithful (Allah).
Abdul Munimعبد المنعمServant Of The Benefactor (Allah).
Abdul Muntaqimعبد المنتقمServant Of The Revenger
Abdul Muqaddimعبد المقدمServant Of The Promoter
Abdul Muizعبد المعزSlave Of The Honourer, The Exalter.
Abdul Muizzعبد المعزServant Of The Giver Of Might And Glory
Abdul Mujeebعبد المجيبServant Of The Responder
Abdul Mujibعبد المجيبServant Of The Answerer (Allah).
Abdul Musawwirعبد المصورServant Of The Fashioner (Allah).
Abdul Mutaalعبد المطلبServant Of The Most High
Abdul Mutakabbirعبد المتكبرServant Of The Superb
Abdul Mutaliعبد المطليServant Of The Most High (Allah).
Abdul Muqeetعبد المقيتSlave Of The Sustainer.
Abdul Muqsitعبد المقصودSlave Of The Just.
Abdul Muqtadirعبد المقتدرServant Of The Omnipotent (Allah).
Abdul Muttalibعبد المطلبThis Was The Name Of The Grand Father Of The Prophet Pbuh
Abdul Muzanniعبد المزينيHe Was A Narrator Of Hadith.
Abdul Nafiعبد النافيSlave Of The Propitious.
Abdul Mutiعبد المعطيServant Of The Donor (Allah).
Abdul Nasserعبد الناصرServant Of The Victorious One
Abdul Noorعبد النورSlave Of The One Who Is Light.
Abdul Nurعبد النورServant Of The Light
Abdul Qaadirعبد القادرServant Of The Capable
Abdul Nasirعبد الناصرServant Of The Helper, Protector
Abdul Qudoosعبد القدوسServant Of The Most Holy
Abdul Raafiعبد الرافيServant Of The One Who Raises (Intellect, Esteem), One Who Elevates
Abdul Rabbعبد الربSlave Of The Lord.
Abdul Rafiعبد الرافيServant Of The One Who Raises, Elevates (Intellect, Esteem)
Abdul Qabizعبد القبيزServant Of The Withholder
Abdul Qadeerعبد القديرServant Of The Powerful (Allah).
Abdul Qadirعبد القادرServant Of The Powerful (Allah).
Abdul Qahaarعبد القهارServant Of The Subduer And The Almighty
Abdul Qahharعبد القهارSlave Of The Dominant
Abdul Qahirعبد القاهرServant Of The Subduer (Allah).
Abdul Qawiعبد القويServant Of The Mighty (Allah).
Abdul Qayyumعبد القيومServant Of The Eternal (Allah).
Abdul Quddusعبد القدوسServant Of The All-Holy (Allah).
Abdul Samadعبد الصمدServant Of The Eternal
Abdul Samiعبد الساميServant Of The All Hearing
Abdul Sattarعبد الستارThe Servant Of The Protector
Abdul Raheemعبد الرحيمServant Of The Most Compassionate
Abdul Rahimعبد الرحيمServant Of The Merciful
Abdul Rahmanعبد الرحمنServant Of The Beneficent
Abdul Raqibعبد الرقيبSlave Of The Vigilant.
Abdul Rashidعبد الرشيدServant Of The Rightly Guided One
Abdul Raufعبد الرؤوفServant Of The Compassionate
Abdul Razzaqعبد الرزاقServant Of The Maintainer, The Provider
Abdul Saburعبد الصبورServant Of The Patient
Abdul Salamعبد السلامServant Of The Peace
Abdul Waaseعبد الوصيServant Of The Vast
Abdul Wadoodعبد الودودServant Of The All-Loving (Allah).
Abdul Wadudعبد الودودServant Of The Loving
Abdul Wahhabعبد الوهابServant Of The All-Give (Allah).
Abdul Shakoorعبد الشكورServant Of The All-Thankful (Allah).
Abdul Shakurعبد الشكورServant Of The Most Thankful
Abdul Tawwabعبد التوابServant Of The Forgiver
Abdul Vajedعبد الفاجدServant Of The Finder
Abdul Vakilعبد الوكيلServant Of The Implementor
Abdul Waaliعبد الواليServant Of The Inheritor
Abdul Waliyعبد الواليServant Of The Protecting
Abdul Warisعبد الوريسServant Of The Survivor
Abdul Warithعبد الوارثServant Of The Supreme Inheritor
Abdul Wahidعبد الواحدServant Of The One (Allah).
Abdul Wajidعبد واجدServant Of The Finder
Abdul Wakilعبد الوكيلServant Of The Trustee
Abdul Waliعبد الواليServant Of The Comrade
AbdulعبدServant (Of Allah)
Abdul-Aaleeعبد تشاركية الأعاليServant Of The Most High.
Abdul-Adheemعبد AdheemServant Of The Most Great.
Abdul-Aleemعبد العليمServant Of The All-Knowing.
Abdul Zahirعبد الظاهرServant Of The Manifest
Abdul-Baasitعبد الباسطServant Of The Expander.
Abdul-Barrعبد البرServant Of The Source Of Goodness.
Abdul-Dhahirعبد الظاهرServant Of The Manifest.
Abdul-Baaqiعبد BaaqiServant Of The Everlasting.
Abdul-Baariعبد الباريServant Of The Evolver.
Abdul-Hakeemعبد الحكيمServant Of The Wise.
Abdul-Haleemعبد الحليمServant Of The Forbearing One.
Abdul-Hameedعبد الحميدServant Of The Praiseworthy.
Abdul-Haqqعبد حركة حقServant Of The Truth.
Abdul-Ghafurعبد الغفورServant Of The All-Forgiving.
Abdul-Ghaniعبد الغنيServant Of The Self-Sufficient.
Abdul-Hadiعبد الهاديServant Of The Guide.
Abdul-Hafeedhعبد الحفيظServant Of The Preserver.
Abdul-Khaliqعبد الخالقServant Of The Creator.
Abdul-Lateefعبد اللطيفServant Of The Subtle One.
Abdul-Majeedعبد المجيدServant Of The Most Glorious.
Abdul-Majidعبد المجيدServant Of The Noble.
Abdul-Haseebعبد الحسيبServant Of The Reckoner.
Abdul-Jabbarعبد الجبارServant Of The Compeller.
Abdul-Jaleelعبد الجليلServant Of The Sublime One.
Abdul-Kareemعبد الكريمServant Of The Most Generous.
Abdul-Mughniعبد المغنيServant Of The Enricher.
Abdul-Mujeebعبد مجيبServant Of The Responsive.
Abdul-Muminعبد المؤمنServant Of The Guardian Of Faith.
Abdul-Malikعبد الملكServant Of The Sovereign Lord.
Abdul-Mu'Eidعبد Mu'eidServant Of The Restorer.
Abdul-Mu'Izzعبد المعزServant Of The Honourer.
Abdul-Qahharعبد QahharServant Of The Subduer.
Abdul-Qaiyoumعبدالقيوم الضوءServant Of The Self-Sustaining.
Abdul-Quddusعبد القدوسServant Of The Holy.
Abdul-Muqtadirعبد المقتدرServant Of The Powerful.
Abdul-Muta'Aleeعبد Muta'aleeServant Of The Most Exalted.
Abdul-Nurعبد النورServant Of The Light.
Abdul-Qaadirعبد القادرServant Of The Able.
Abdun Nasirعبدون ناصرServant Of The Helper (Allah).
Abdun Noorعبدون نورServant Of The Light.
Abdur Rabعبد الربServant Of The Lord (Allah).
Abdul-Waajidعبد اجدServant Of The Finder.
Abdul-Wadoodعبد الودودServant Of The Loving.
Abdul-Wahhabعبد الوهابServant Of The Best-Ower.
Abdul-Warithعبد الوارثServant Of The Supreme Inheritor.
Abdullahعبد اللهServant Of Allah, Slave Of Allah; Name Of Prophet Muhammad'S Father.
Abdun Naafeعبدون نافعServant Of The Giver Of Gains
Abdur Raqibعبد الرقيبServant Of The Observer (Allah).
Abdur Rasheedعبد الرشيدServant Of The Right-Minded (Allah).
Abdur Rashidعبد الرشيدSlave Of The Guide.
Abdur Raufعبد الرؤوفServant Of The Most Kind (Allah).
Abdur Rahimعبد الرحيمServant Of The Most Merciful (Allah).
Abdur Rahmanعبد الرحمنServant Of The Most Gracious (Allah).
Abdur Raoofعبد الرؤوفServant Of The Compassionate
Abdur-Raqeebعبد الرقيبServant Of The Watchful.
Abdur-Rasheedعبد الرشيدServant Of The Guide To Right Path.
Abdur-Raufعبد الرؤوفServant Of The Compassionate.
Abdur Razzaqعبد الرزاقServant Of The All-Provider (Allah).
Abdur-Raheemعبد الرحيمServant Of The Most Merciful.
Abdur-Rahmanعبد الرحمنServant Of The Most Gracious.
Abdus Saburعبد الصبورSlave Of The Forbearing.
Abdus Salaamعبد السلامSlave Of The Giver Of Peace.
Abdus Salamعبد السلامServant Of The All-Peaceable.
Abdur-Razzaqعبد الرزاقServant Of The Provider.
AbdusعبدIbn Khallad Was So Named; He Was A Narrator Of Hadith.
Abdus Saboorعبد الصبورServant Of The Patient (Allah).
Abdus Sattarعبد الستارServant Of The Veiler Of Sin (Allah).
Abdus Shafiعبد الشافيSlave Of The Healer.
Abdus Subboohعبد الصبحSlave Of The Extremely Pure.
Abdus Samadعبد الصمدServant Of The Eternal (Allah).
Abdus Samiعبد ساميServant Of The All-Hearing (Allah).
Abdus-Samadعبد الصمدServant Of The Eternal.
Abdus-Sameeiعبد-SameeiServant Of The All-Hearing.
Abdus-Shaheedعبد الشهيدServant Of The Witness.
Abdus Subhanعبد سبحانServant Of The Glory (Allah).
Abdus Suboohعبد الصبحSlave Of The Extremely Pure.
Abdus-Sabourعبد الصبورServant Of The Patient.
Abdus-Salaamعبد السلامServant Of The Source Of Peace.
Abdut Tawwabعبد التوابServant Of The Most Forgiving (Allah).
Abduz Zahirعبد الظاهرServant Of The Overt
Abdush Shafiعبدوش شافيSlave Of The Healer.
Abdush Shaheedعبدوش شهيدServant Of The Witness
Abdush Shahidعبدوش شهيدSlave Of The Witness.
AbradAbradHail, Mail, Ibn Ashras A Narrator Of Hadith Had This Name.
AbramأبرامNeed, Stong Grip.
AbrarأبرارPl. Of Birr, Obedience, Gift.
AbrashالأبرشSpotted, Speckled; A Master Of Penmanship During The Early Abbasid Period Had This Name.
AbrazAbrazShow, Unfolded Divulged Mystery.
AbidullahAbidullahWorshipper Of Allah.
AbirعبيرAroma, Strong
AbisaliAbisaliWarrior In Islam.
Abu Al Khayrابو الخيرOne Who Does Good
Abu Ayyubابو ايوبA Well-Known Sahabi Who Had Received The Honour Of Offering Hospitality To The Prophet Muhammad When He Migrated To Madinah.
Abu Bakrأبو بكرFather Of The Young Camel. The First Caliph Of Islam.
Abu Dardaابو دردةFamous Sahabi Of Rasoolullah Pbuh.
AbreeqAbreeqGlittering Sword.
AbsarأبصارPl. Of Basar, Vision, Sight.
AbsatAbsatWide, Vast, Spacious.
AbshamAbshamA Tree Which Has Scent.
AbsiالعبسيProbably From Abasa To Frown; This Was The Name Of Abdullah Ibn-Musa, A Scholar And Reciter Of The Quran, Died 828/829
Abt'HiAbt'hiOne Who Lives In Abtah, A Place Near Makkah.
AbteenAbteenFather Of Faridoon (A King).
Abu Juhafaابو جحافةA Sahabi Of The Holy Prophet Pbuh.
Abu Mahzoorahابو محزورهName Of One Companion Of The Prophet Of Allah.
Abu Masoodابو مسعودA Great Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle Of Badr.
Abu Moosaابو موسىA Well-Known Sahabi; His Full Name Was Abu Moosa Al-Ashari
Abu Saeedابو سعيدFather Of Dignified, Name Of A Sahabi (Ra).
Abu Talhaابو طلحةA Great Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle Of Badr.
Abu Talibابو طالبFather Of Seeker; Name Of The Prophet Muhammad'S Uncle.
Abu Turabابو ترابAn Attributive Of Caliph Ali, The Fourth Of The 'Rightly Guided' Caliphs. The Prophet Muhammad Gave Him This Epithet.
Abu Isaابو عيسىFather Of Isa.
Abul Farajابو الفرجPossessor Of Comfort, Father Of Comfort, Comfortable.
Abul Fathابو الفتحFather Of Victory, Victorious.
Abul Fazlابو الفضلEndowed With Bounty, Grace.
Abul Haisamابو حسامA Sahabi; Also A Great Scholar Of History.
Abul Hasanابو الحسنFather Of Hasan.
Abul Husainابو الحسينFather Of Husain: Caliph Ali.
Abul Kalamابو الكلامFather Of Speech, Eloquent.
Abu Ubaidahابو عبيدةA Great Sahabi Of The Prophet Pbuh; One Of The Ten Companions Whom The Holy Prophet Pbuh Has Declared As The People Of Jannah.
Abu Yousufابو يوسفName Of A Great Jurist And Pupil Of Imam Abu Hanifah Ra.
Abu Zarابو زارA Great Sahabi Of The Prohet Of Allah.
Abul Alaaابو علاءFather Of Glory.
Abul Barakatابو البركاتFather Of Blessings, Blissful.
Abul Basharابو بشارFather Of Mankind. An Epithet Of Adam Who Was Also The First Prophet.
Abul Farahابو فرحFather Of Joy I.E. Happy, Glad.
AbyazAbyazWhite, Bright, Brilliant.
AbzariAbzariSeeds, Spice, Seedsman, One Who Sows; The Persian Scribe And Memoriser Of Tradition, Abu-Ishaq Ibrahim Had This Name
AdamآدمName Of The First Man And Prophet Of Allah; Father Of Mankind.
Adanعدن(Garden Of) Eden
AdawiالعدويA Grandson Of Sayyidina Umer Ra, Famous For Hsi Piety And Knowledge.
Adbul-QawiAdbul-عبدالقويServant Of The Most Powerful.
AdeebأديبA Literary Person.
Abul Khairابو الخيرFather Of Good Work, Virtuous.
Abul Mahasinأبو المحاسنFather Of Virtues, Merits.
Abul Qasimابو القاسمFather Of Qasim, An Attributive Name Of The Prophet Muhammad.
Abul Yumnأبو يمينFather Of Happiness, Happy.
Abul Yusrابو اليسرA Great Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle Of Badr.
Abul-Hassanأبو الحسنThe Son Of Ali.
AbyadالأبيضA Narrator Of Hadith Was So Named.
AbyanأبينClearer, More Distinct.
AdliعدليPertaining To Justice.
AdnanعدنانA Descendant Of Ismail And Traditional Ancestor Of The North Arabian Tribes.. Who Called Themselves 'The Sons Of Adnan'.
AdnanعدنانOld Arabic Name
AdeelعديلCoeval, Match.
AdeemأديمRed Coloured Perfumed Leather, Surface Of Earth, Soil.
AdelعادلRighteous. Noble.
AdheenAdheenFollower, Devotee.
AdiعديA Sahabi Of The Prophet Of Allah Pbuh. And A Son Of Haatim Taai, A Person Famous For His In Generosity; His Full Name Was Adiyy Ibn Haatim.
AdibأديبWell-Mannered, Courteous, Polished, Man Of Letters.
AdilعادلJust, Upright, Righteous.
AdiyعديA Companion Of The Prophet Pbuh; Also The Name Of The Son Of Hatim Taiy Known For His Generosity; Also The Son Of Thabit Had This Name.
AfifعفيفChaste, Modest
Afif-Ud-Dinعفيف-مسعود الدينVirtuous Of The Religion (Islam).
AfkarأفكارDestitue, Poor.
AflahأفلحGaining Success-But The Prophet Pbuh Has Discouraged Us From Giving Such Names To Our Children.
AfrazAfrazMove Higher, Be Taller.
AfridiأفريديA Cast Of Afghans.
AfrozeAfrozeLightening, Enlightening.
AfsaAFSATransparent, Clear.
AfandiأفنديNoble, Master, Lord.
AfaqآفاقA Verse Who Has Depth Like Skies.
AfeefعفيفPure, Chaste, Pious.
AffanعفانModest; Father Of Caliph Usman.
AfhamAfhamWisdom, Prudence.
AfifعفيفChaste, Modest, Virtuous, Honest, Righteous, Upright, Decent.
AftarAftarBreakfast The East.
AfuwwAfuwwThe Pardoner; He Who Pardons All Who Repent Sincerely As If They Had No Previous Sin.
AfzaalAfzaalKindness, Grace, Favours, Virtues.
AfzalأفضالBetter, Superior, Prominent.
AghaآغاHonorable Person
Agharrوعن الأغرHandome, Beautiful, Distinguished, Illustrious, Noble, Magnanimous.
AfsanehافسانهA Fairy Tale.
Afsar-Ud-Dinأفسار الدعوة، الدينAdorning The Religion.
AfshinأفشينAfshin Is A Persian And Turkish Given Name, Derived From The Princely Title Of The Rulers Of Ošrusana At The Time Of The Muslim Conquest.
Aftab-Ud-Dinأفتاب-مسعود الدينSun Of The Religion (Islam).
AhsanاحسانBetter, Superior.
Ahsanullahاحسان اللهFavor Of God.
AhwasAhwasHaving Narrow, Contracted Or Squinting Eyes.
AhyanAhyanEras, Ages, Times.
AhzabالأحزابConfederate Bin Aseed Had This Name; He Was A Narrator Of Hadith.
AidhAidhName Of A Reciter Of The Holy Quran.
AghlabالأغلبSuperior, Supreme.
AhadالأحدOne, Unique, Without Partner; One Of The Names Of Allah.
AhdafAhdafPl. Of Hadaf, Aim, Goal, Target.
Ahkamالآمر بأحكامStrong, Durable.
AhmadأحمدMost Highly Adored.
Ahmad, Ahmedأحمد ، أحمدMost Highly Adored, Or Most Praised; Variation Of The Name "Muhammad"
Ahmadullahأحمد اللI Praise Allah.
AhmarالأحمرRed Coloured.
AhmedأحمدThe Most Praised; One Of The Names Of The Prophet Muhammad; I Praise (First Person Present Imperfect Verb).
AhnafالأحنفBin Qays Bin Muwiyah Bin Husayn At Tamimi Had This Name; He Was A Narrator Of Hadith
AhrazAhrazProtection, Piety.
AhsabأحسابNobler, More Respected, Of Higher Nobility.
AjaamAjaamForest, Tree
AjawidاجاويدPl. Of Jawwad, Open-Handed, Generous, Noble.
AjlahAjlahBald, Hairless, Ibn Abdullah, A Narrator Of Hadith, Had This Name.
AjmalأجملMore Beautiful, Extremely Beautiful.
AimalايمالFriend, ??? ????
AishahعائشةLife, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest Wife Of The Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh).
Aizحفظه اللهThis Was The Name Of A Reciter Of The Quran Who Followed The Recital Of Hamzah.
AizaadAizaadExtension, Excess.
AkhfashAkhfashThere Have Been Several Men Of This Name; There Were Grammarians Of This Name In The 8Th / 9Th Century.
AkhlaqالاخلاقGood Manners, Morals.
AkhmasAkhmasBrave, Valiant.
AjtabaAjtabaFavourite, Selected.
AjwaadAjwaadIntelligent, Talented,
AjwadأجوادBetter, More Generous.
AkbarأكبرGreater, Bigger, Greatest, Most Pious, Honourable.
AkeemأكيمWise, Intelligent
AkfashAkfashThere Have Been Several Men Of This Name; There Were Three Grammarians Of This Name In The 8Th / 9Th Century.
AkhasAkhasBin Khalfah Was So Named; He Was A Narrator Of Hadith.
AkhdanAkhdanBest Friend.
AkilعقيلIntelligent, Thoughtful, One Who Uses Reason.
AkmalاكملMore Complete, More Perfect.
AkramأكرمMore Generous, Nobler, Bountiful.
Al AbbasالعباسDescription Of A Lion; Name Of The Prophet S Uncle.
Al AminالأمينAn Epithet Of The Prophet Muhammad.
Akhund Zadaاخوند زادهSon Of A Person Learned In Religious Matters.
AkifعاكفDevoted To, Dedicated To, Persevering In, Busily Engaged, Attached, Intent.
Aladdinعلاء الدينNobility Of Faith
AlamgirالامجيرWorld Conqueror.
Al BurhanالبرهانThe Proof.
Al FaizالفايزName Of A Fatimid Caliph.
Al MamoonالمأمونSeventh Abbasid Caliph (813-33).
Al RafiالرافيOne Of The Names Of Allah.
Al SafiالصافيClear, Pure, Fine.
Al SiddiqالصديقThe Truthful, Title Of Abu Bakr The First Righteous Caliph.
Al TahirالطاهرNickname Of Abdullah, Son Of Muhammad Who Died In Infancy.
Al TayyibالطيبNickname Of Abdullah, Son Of Muhammad Who Died In Infancy.
AlaعلاءNobility, Excellence
Ala Al Dinعلاء الدينExcellence Of Faith
Ala-Ud-Dinعلاء محي الدينGlory Of Religion, Excellence Of Religion (Islam).
AlaaعلاءHeight, Elevation.
AliعليHigh, Lofty, Sublime, Eminent, Excellence, Noble, Honourable; One Of The Names Of Allah; Fourth Caliph Of Islam.
Ali عليThe Highest, Greatest, Excellent, Noble; Name Of The Prophets Son In Law And The Fourth Caliph
Ali Asgharعلي أصغرInfant Son Of Imam Husayn Who Attained Martyrdom In The Karbala When He Was A Suckling Baby.
AlimالعليمWise Or Learned
AleemالعليمLearned, Expert, Scholar, Omniscient; One Of The Names Of Allah.
Aleem-Ul-Hudaالعليم المجاهدين الهدىBanner Of Guidance.
AleemuddinAleemuddinA Learned Person In Religion.
AlhanعلشانEloquence, Good Voice.
AlhasanالحسنThe Handsome, The Good; Name Of The Prophets Grandson
AlhazarAlhazarSos, Help.
AlhusainAlhusainDiminutive Of The Handsome, The Good; Name Of The Prophets Grandson
Altaf Hussainألطاف حسينKindness Of Husain.
AltairنسرThe Flying Eagle; Also Refers To A First Magnitude Star In The Constellation Lyra.
AltamashAltamashFront-Line Army.
AlwazAlwazLight, Brightness.
AlyasaaAlyasaaElisha - A Prophet
AlmahdiالمهديGuided To The Right Path
AlmanعلمانKind, Willing And Wiseman.
AltafألطافPl. Of Lutf, Kindness, Grace, Favour.
AmalaأمالاHope, Aspiration
AmamAMAMSafety, Protection.
AmaniأمانيPl. Of Umniya, Wish, Aspiration, Hope.
AmanuddinAmanuddinTrust Of Religion (Islam).
Amaanالأمان للTrust, Safety, Security, Protection, Tranquility, Peace Of Mind, Calmness.
AmaarعمارOne Who Prays 5 Times And Fasts.
AmalأملHope, Aspiration.
Aminuddinأمين الدينTrustworthy In Religion (Islam).
Amirأفضل التحاياProsperous, Populous, Civilized, Full Of Life, Large.
Amir-Ruler, Prince, Leader
Amanullahأمان اللهTrust, Care Of Allah, Protection Of Allah.
AmarعمارWork, Problem, Order
AmeerأميرChieftain, Ruler, Prince, Commander, Lord, Leader, Master.
AmidوسطPillar, Support, Head.
AmiduddawlahAmiduddawlahSupport Of The State, (It Is Used Both As Name & Title).
AminأمينTrustworthy, Faithful, Reliable, Custodian, Honest.
AminأمينFaithful, Trustworthy
AmrعمروBy My Life A Famous Companion Had This Name, Ibn Al-Aas Who Conquered Egypt; Also Ibn Al-Ala Called Zabban, Was One Of The Seven Readers Of The Quran And An Eminent Scholar.
AmroعمروOld Arabic Name.
AmjaadأمجادPl. Of Majd, Glory, Honour.
AmjadأمجدMost Glorious, Most Distinguished, More Illustrious, Most Venerable, Most Noble.
AmmaarعمارOne With Strong Imaan. Also A Sahabi , One Of The Early Muslims, Son Of Yasir And Sumaya Rad.
AmmarعمارVirtuous, Pious, Devout, Religious, Tolerant.
AmmarعمارBuilder, Constructor
AneesأنيسIntimate, Friendly.
AniqAniqNeat, Elegant, Smart.
AnisأنيسFriend, Close Companion, Sociable, Intimate Friend, Companion.
AnasahAnasahThe Freed Slave Of The Prophet Had This Name.
AneenعانينGood, Hello.
AnsahأنساهThe Freed Slave Of The Prophet Pbuh Had This Name.
AnsariأنصاريRelation Through Ancestry To An Ansar; The People Who Helped The Prophet When He Migrated To Madinah.
AntarعنترHero In A Story Of Chivalry.
AniyaأنياConcern, Loving
AnjumأنجومPlural Of Najm, Stars.
AnsaarالأنصارPl. Of Nasir, Friend, Patron, Supporter.
AnzarAnzarHaving A Good Eye Sight.
AqdasالأقدسMost Holy, More Or Most Sacred.
AqeelعقيلInsight, Mind, Intellect, Judiciousness, Wise, Sensible Man.
AqibAqibSuccessor, An Epithet Of The Prophet Muhammad.
AnwarأنورMore Bright, More Brilliant, More Radiant, More Luminous.
AnwarulkarimAnwarulkarimLights Of The Beneficent (Allah).
Anwarus Sadatأنوروس الساداتThe Most Brilliant Of The Sayyids.
ArafatعرفاتA Plain Twelve Miles South West Of Makkah Where Pilgrims Spend A Day Performing Special Worship Of Allah During The Hajj.
AraizAraizNational Leader.
ArashأراشA Hero In Persian Folklore ( He Is Sacrificed )
AqilعقيلOld Arabic Name
AqleemAqleemGovernment, Realm.
AqmarالأقمرBright, Brilliant, Luminous, Moonlit.
AqqaadAqqaadMaker Of Trimmings, Haberdasher.
AqrabالعقربNear, Close.
AradارادName Of An Angel.
AreefعريفLearned, Expert, Authority.
AreejأريجFragrant, Sweet-Smelling.
AreesالعريسPeasant, Farmer.
ArefعارفWise, Intelligent.
ArfaaArfaaVery High
ArdalanأردلانArdalan Is An Iranian Kurdish Dynasty.
ArdamArdamBrave, Boldman.
AreebAreebWise, Intelligent, Bright, Brilliant, Clever.
ArmeenArmeenA Character In Shahnameh.
ArooshArooshAngle Of Heaven.
ArhamرهمKind, Generous.
ArifعارفLearned, Expert, Authority, Saint, The Highest Position A Mystic Can Attain.
ArikahArikahDecorated Throne.
ArkanأركانPl. Of Rukn, Support, Prop, Pillar.
ArmaanARMAANWish, Desire.
ArselArselTo Send, To Ship, Dispatch.
ArshعرشSky, Roof.
ArshadأرشدMost Rightly Guided, Most Reasonable.
ArshanأرشانStrong And Brave Man.
ArshaqArshaqHandsome, More Elegant, More Graceful.
ArshiعرشيThe One Living In Allah'S Place, Angel.
AsaadأسعدHelp, Support.
AsadelAsadelMost Prosperous One
Asadullahأسد اللهLion Of Allah. Title Of Ali (R.A.).
ArtahارتاحBin-Ashath Was A Narrator Of Hadith Who Had This Name.
ArwahArwahMore Delicate, More Gracious.
ArzangArzangAn Ancient Wrestler.
As'AdأسعدVirtuous, Pious, Happier, Luckier.
AseelأصيلSon Of Elite Family.
AseerعسيرPreferred, Noble, Exquisite.
AsfaأسفاTanned Sun Burned, Bin Asla Had This Name; He Was A Narrator Of Hadith.
AsgharاصغرYounger, Smaller, Minute.
AsarاسارFourth Prayer Of The Day.
AsbaatAsbaatBin Muhammad Al-Qurashi A Narrator Of Hadith Had This Name.
AsbaghAsbaghColoured Animal, Huge Flood, Dyer.
AsbatالأسباطA Narrator Of Hadith.
AseedبذرةIbn Yazid, A Narrator Of Hadith Had This Name.
AshajAshajAbu Ad-Dunya Al-Maghrabi, Had This Name; He Was A Narrator Of Hadith.
AsharالعشارWise, Prudent.
AshazAshazOne In A Million, Name Of A Sahabi During The Time Of Prophet. There Is A Hadith Praising His Virtue Of Patience And Obedience To Parents
AshfaqأشفقPl. Of Shafaqa, Kindness, Compassion, Sympathy, Pity, Mercy, Favours.
AshhalالأشهلHaving Bluish-Black Eyes; Bin Hatim Had This Name; He Was A Narrator Of Hadith.
Asha'AsAsha'asScattered, Spread About, Humble.
Asha'AthAsha'athScattered, Spread About, Humble.
AshabالعشابReddish, Blond, Fair.
AshrafأشرفMore Honourable, Most Distinguished, Eminent More Nobler.
Ashrafus Sadatأشرف الساداتMost Noble Of The Sayyids.
AshrasAshrasAbu Al-Hasan Az-Ziyat A Narrator Of Hadith Was So Named.
Asifكما لوName Of Courtier In The Kingdom Of Prophet Sulaiman Who Is Noted For His Intelligence.
AshharAshharFamous, Popular.
AshjaAshjaMore Courageous, Braver.
AshkanأشكانHealthy, Hearty.
AshmathAshmathCorrect Path, Straight Path.
AslaعسلةThis Name Was The Name Of Asfa The Narrator Of Hadith.
AslamاسلامVery Safe, Safeguarded, Better, More Perfect, More Complete.
Asmaعلاقة ملابسHe Was Ibn Harithah Al-Aslami.
AsoodaAsoodaProsperous, Jolly, Happy.
AsraإسراءTravel By Night.
AsrarأسرارSecrets, Mysteries, Pl. Of Sirr, Secret.
AsimعاصمProtector, Defender
AsjadAsjadGold, Jewel.
Ata Al Rahmanعطا الرحمنGift Of The Beneficent
Ata Allahعطا اللهGift Of God
AtabukAtabukProtector, Guard.
AstaanAstaanThreshold, Gateway.
AtaعطاGift, Present, Favour, Bounty, Generosity.
AtharاطهرPurer, More Virtuous, Most Pious, Meticulously Neat And Clean.
AthazazAthazazUnknown, Mystery, Maze.
AthilأثيلFirmly Rooted
AtalأتالHero, Leader, Guide.
AtaubaqAtaubaqHandsome, Beautiful, Helpful, Generous And Got A Lot Of Love To Share.
Ataullahعطاء اللهGift Of Allah.
Ataur Rahmanعطور الرحمنGift Of The Merciful (Allah).
AteebAteebPious, Clean.
AtufAtufAffectionate, Kind-Hearted, Compassionate, Loving.
AtyabأطيابScrupulously Clean, Refined, Most Noble, Excellent.
AurangAurangRoyal Throne
AurangzebأورنجزيبOrnament Of The Throne, A Person Befitting The Throne.
AtifعاطفCompassionate, Sympathetic
AtiqعتيقAncient, Noble, Antiquated.
AtirعتيرFragrant, Aromatic.
AttaarAttaarPerfumer, Perfume Vendor.
AttaboakAttaboakTeacher, Defender, Guide
AttarعطرFragrance Seller.
AwanاوانFriend, Supporter.
AwanahAwanahMiddle-Aged, Fierce. Abu Awanah Al-Waddah Was A Scholar Of Hadith And A Reciter Of Quran.
AwfعوفGuest, Fragrance, Lion;
AwnعونSupport, Help.
AwsأوسTo Give
AusاستراليMyrtle; Ace (In Cards); Name Of A Number Of Sahaba, E.G. Aus Ibn Sabit, Aus Ibn Saamit, Aus Ibn Kholy.
AusafAusafVirtues, Merits.
AwadعوضReward, Compensation.
AwadعوضReward, Compensation
AwaisعويسNaim Of A Saint
AwaizAwaizDecorated, Decked.
AwalmirأوالميرPrime Chief.
AyatآياتSign, Revelation, Verse Of The Quran.
Ayatullahآية اللهSign Of Allah.
AybakأيبكIbn-Aybak Was A Leading Historian.
AydinأيدينBrilliant, Enlightened, Intelligent, Light Of The Moon.
Awwalربيع الأولFirst. Al-Awwal, The First: One Of The Names Of Allah.
AyaanأيانGift Of God
AyaatالعياطPl. Of Ayat, Sign, Verse Of The Quran.
AyaazAyaazA Trusted Slave Of Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi
Aynul Hayatعين الحياةFountain Of Life.
Aynun Naimعينون نعيمFountain Of Blessing.
AyserأيسرEasy In Dealing, Wealthy
AyyubأيوبA Prophet, The Biblical Job.
AyyubأيوبA Prophets Name (Job)
AymanأيمنLucky Blessed, Righ-Hand, Right, On The Right, Fortunate.
Aynul Hasanعين الحسنHasan Like. Hasan Was The Name Of The Prophet Muhammad'S Grandson From His Daughter Fatima.
AzabعزبTouring, Travelling, Wandering
AzamعزامGreater, Greatest, More Important, Most Important, Most Pious, Most Exalted.
AzbakAzbakIndependent, Autonomous.
AzaadأزادFree, Liberated.
AzaamعزامSubmission, Prostration.
AzaanازانCall For The Pray, Strength & Power
AzhaarAzhaarPl. Of Zahra, Flower, Blossom.
AzhafAzhafCourageous, Elite.
AzharأزهرMore Evident, Most Apparent, Most Illuminated.
AzharanAzharanThe Sun And Moon Alike, To Adopt, Buds.
AzimالعظيمMight, Magnificent, Glorious, Great, Dignified, Exalted, Determined; One Of The Names Of Allah.
AzeemالعظيمDefender, Referring To One Of Gods Ninety Nine Qualities
AzfarأظفرMost Victorious, Winner.
AzliAzliFrom The Beginning.
AzmarayAzmarayVarient For Zmaray (Lion).
AzmatعزمتMajesty, Pride, Grandeur, Greatness.
AzmeerAzmeerClever, Pious.
AzizعزيزMight, Strong, Illustrious, Highly Esteemed, Dearly Loved, One Of The Names Of Allah.
AzizعزيزPowerful (Dear)
Azizullahعزيز اللهDear To Allah.
AzraqالأزرقBlue; Name Of A Companion Of The Prophet Pbuh, Bin Qays.
AzraqiعزرقيHe Was An Authority On The History And Geography Of Makkah.
AzudAzudUpper Arm, Strength, Power, Support.
AzududdinAzududdinSupport Of Religion (Islam).
AzzamعزامVery Determined, Resolved, Resolute.
AzmiعزميOne Who Fulfils His Promise.
AzrafAzrafMore Elegant, More Graceful; More Humorous.
AzzamعزامDetermined, Resolved


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Muslim Names for Boys & Girls with Meaning Popular Baby Names FAQ's

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There are various ethnic and racial groups in Saudi Arabia, of which the ethnic names of the Sayyid and Sheikh dynasties are very popular.

Muslim names or Islamic names are some of the names that are given to a baby boy or girl at the time of his or her birth. Typically, these beautiful names are associated with Islamic personalities or the traditions of the Prophet.

Whenever a new baby is born on earth, we keep looking for beautiful Islamic names for the baby. There is no end to our speculation on naming. What would you like a baby to be called? Which name means beautiful and interesting? Which name will be completely different from all? How much more? After the birth of a child, it is the responsibility of every parent to have a beautiful and attractive name. In the Muslim world, Muslims have Islamic names with beautiful and interesting meanings. Saudi Arabia is one such. The importance of name in Islam is immeasurable. Because we will be called by this name on the Day of Judgment. These names have a tremendous impact on a person's life, so one should know the exact meaning of the name.

If you choose a name from Asma ul Husna, you will have to write Abdul before your name. You should not have a name that means bad or associated with idol worship, Hinduism or polytheism.

Arabic is a language only, not all Arabic names are Islamic. Before naming your baby boy or girl you should check the meaning of the name. But the names of Sultan and Sayyid are Islamic names.

Arabic names are very popular in the Middle East. Some of them are Mortuza, Omar, Fatima, Khalil, Maryam, Ali, Meera, Yusuf, Zahra etc.