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Which Cute Baby Name is best for you ? We are giving you an uncommon Baby Boy Names . Through this website you can find the most beautiful and attractive Islamic Cute Baby Name A to Z Baby Names for your son and daughter that you can easily copy and share on your mobile and with your your friends. I hope you can Cute Baby Name your new baby very easily.

There is no alternative to a good Cute Baby Name In the eyes of Islam a good Baby Boy Names is important. We offer you a huge collection of some of the most beautiful famous Cute Baby Name From our website you can choose the most beautifulIslamic baby names girl boy name arabic englishfor yorn babies.

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100+ Cute Baby Name for Boy and Girls (From the Qur'an)

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In a Muslim family, according to the Islamic religion, the most blessed Cute Baby Name for a child is considered to be the most beautiful.These Muslim names are usually given in different languages like Arabic, Persian, English, Hindi, Urdu etcor any other language the given Baby Boy Names The beautiful name of a newborn baby is the driving force of Islamic personality.These names are very beautifully chosen for any person who is holy according to the Holy Quran or the name of the Prophet. These beautiful Cute Baby Name are used only by the Muslim Ummah around the world for their newborn baby. Parents try to give their daughter or son the most beautiful Muslim name to give their child a good personality.

Every child is held in pledge for his’ Aqeeqah which is sacrificed for him on his seventh day, and he is named on it and his head is shaved

- Abu Dawud

Islamic experts have suggested giving the best Cute Baby Name for a child. Muslim parents started searching for Muslim names for their sons and daughters according to their needs. No Muslim living abroad is more concerned about the names of Muslim children being associated with their roots.

Best Baby Boy Names

Cute Baby Name, Baby Boy Names, Cute Baby Name, Cute Baby Name, Baby Boy Names, Baby Boy NamesIslamic baby names girl boy name arabic english

Islamic experts have suggested giving the best Cute Baby Name for a child. Muslim parents started searching for Muslim names for their sons and daughters according to their needs. No Muslim living abroad is more concerned about the names of Muslim children being associated with their roots.

The best Islamic name or Cute Baby Name platform on our website is trying to meet the needs of all Muslims living around the world Also a huge variety of Baby Boy Names with meanings and descriptions can be easily found here on our website.

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Short and Sweet Muslim boy and girl names

Welcome to We have provided best collection of short cool and sweet muslim baby names.We understand what kind of modern parents need! So, we have created a new name collection called cool Small Sweet Muslim Baby Boy and Muslim Baby Girl. From this website you can find all beautiful, modern and latest Muslim baby names. All names are arranged alphabetically with their meanings. We believe, our new collection of short and sweet Muslim baby names will help you easily find a proper name for your baby.

Best Baby Boy Names 2022

ANAS Arabic friendliness
ASIF Arabic knowledgeable
ARYAN Arabic one who belongs to the noble people
AZAAN Arabic call for worship, announcement
AHSAN Arabic the best, the most beautiful
ANAS Arabic friendliness
AFAN Arabic chaste, modest
ABDULLAH Arabic servant of God
BILAL Arabic name of one of tde Prophet’s companions, water
DANISH Persian name of one of tde Prophet’s companions
DANIYAL Persian intelligent
FAHAD Arabic pantder, leopard
FAIZAN Arabic great grace, charity, great beneficence
FAISAL Arabic judge, decisive ruler
FARHAN Arabic happy, joyous, rejoicing
HAIDER Arabic lion
HARIS Arabic guardian, watchman
HASHIR Arabic one who assembles
HAMMAD Arabic one who praises
HASAN Arabic to be beautiful, to be good
HUSSAIN Arabic beautiful, handsome
HAMZA Arabic lion, strong, steadfast
HASEEB Arabic noble, respected
HUZAIFA Arabic name of one of tde Prophet’s (pbuh) companions
IMRAN Arabic exalted nation
IRFAN Arabic wisdom
JAVED Persian eternal
JUNAID Arabic soldier, warrior
KAMRAN Persian successful, blessed, fortunate
KASHIF Arabic discoverer, pioneer
LARAIB Arabic faultless, without a doubt
MAAZ brave man
MOHSIN Arabic helper, humanitarian
MEERAB water-master
MUHAMMAD Arabic The Most Praised One
NABEEL Arabic noble, distinguished
NAEEM Arabic ease, comfort
NADEEM Arabic companion, friend
NOMAN Arabic men with all blessings of Allah
OWAIS Arabic little wolf
RASHID Arabic rightly-guided
RIDWAN Arabic contentment
RAYAN Arabic a gate in Paradise dedicated to those who fast often, splendor
ROHAAN Arabic spiritual, kind-hearted
SAAD Arabic happiness
SALMAN Arabic safe, pure from any illness
SAQIB Arabic shining star
SHAHZAIB Arabic crown of a king, like a king
SOHAIL Arabic sun
SAJID Arabic one who prostrates
SAMEER Persian pleasant companion, good friend
SHAHBAZ Arabic royal falcon
SHAYAN Persian worthy, deserving, meriting
SUFIAN Arabic fast-moving, light, nimble
SALEEM Arabic righteous, true, perfect
SANA Arabic to glow, to shine to glow, to shine
SHAHZAD - prince
SHOAIB Arabic one who shows the right path, to guide
UMAIR Arabic life, long-lived
USAMA Arabic lion
UMAR Arabic life, long-lived
USMAN Arabic snake, name of the Third Caliph, one of the companions of Muhammad (pbuh)
WALEED Arabic newborn child
WAQAS Arabic brave warrior
YASIR Arabic to become easy
ZAHID Arabic devoted to God
ZEESHAN Persian dignified, respected
ZAIN Arabic handsome, beautiful
ZOHAIB Arabic leader, king
ZAYAN Arabic beautifier, one who makes things beautiful
ZUBAIR Arabic strong, powerful


Muslim Names for Boys & Girls with Meaning Popular Baby Names FAQ's

The most popular male Muslim names are from Saudi Arabia, such as Mortuza, Salman, Mujtaba, Muhammad and Ali. On the other hand, the names of the baby girls, such as Fatima, Zainab, Ayesha and Hurain are famous Muslim names.

There are various ethnic and racial groups in Saudi Arabia, of which the ethnic names of the Sayyid and Sheikh dynasties are very popular.

Muslim names or Islamic names are some of the names that are given to a baby boy or girl at the time of his or her birth. Typically, these beautiful names are associated with Islamic personalities or the traditions of the Prophet.

Whenever a new baby is born on earth, we keep looking for beautiful Islamic names for the baby. There is no end to our speculation on naming. What would you like a baby to be called? Which name means beautiful and interesting? Which name will be completely different from all? How much more? After the birth of a child, it is the responsibility of every parent to have a beautiful and attractive name. In the Muslim world, Muslims have Islamic names with beautiful and interesting meanings. Saudi Arabia is one such. The importance of name in Islam is immeasurable. Because we will be called by this name on the Day of Judgment. These names have a tremendous impact on a person's life, so one should know the exact meaning of the name.

If you choose a name from Asma ul Husna, you will have to write Abdul before your name. You should not have a name that means bad or associated with idol worship, Hinduism or polytheism.

Arabic is a language only, not all Arabic names are Islamic. Before naming your baby boy or girl you should check the meaning of the name. But the names of Sultan and Sayyid are Islamic names.

Arabic names are very popular in the Middle East. Some of them are Mortuza, Omar, Fatima, Khalil, Maryam, Ali, Meera, Yusuf, Zahra etc.