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Which Baby Names Girls is best for you ? We are giving you an uncommon New Born Baby . Through this website you can find the most beautiful and attractive Islamic Baby Names A to Z Baby Names for your son and daughter that you can easily copy and share on your mobile and with your your friends. I hope you can Baby Names Girls your new baby very easily.

There is no alternative to a good Baby Names Girls In the eyes of Islam a good New Born Baby is important. We offer you a huge collection of some of the most beautiful famous Baby Names From our website you can choose the most beautifulIslamic baby names girl boy name arabic englishfor yorn babies.

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60 Baby Names Girls for Boy and Girls (From the Qur'an)

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Best Baby Names Girls

In a Muslim family, according to the Islamic religion, the most blessed Baby Names Girls for a child is considered to be the most beautiful.These Muslim names are usually given in different languages ​​like Arabic, Persian, English, Hindi, Urdu etcor any other language the given New Born Baby The beautiful name of a newborn baby is the driving force of Islamic personality.These names are very beautifully chosen for any person who is holy according to the Holy Quran or the name of the Prophet. These beautiful Baby Names are used only by the Muslim Ummah around the world for their newborn baby. Parents try to give their daughter or son the most beautiful Muslim name to give their child a good personality.

The Hadith that the Messenger (SAW) ordered that the child (baby) be named on the seventh day, that the harm be removed from him and the sacrifice (the ‘Aqeeqah) be performed

- Al-Tirmidhee

Islamic experts have suggested giving the best Baby Names Girls for a child. Muslim parents started searching for Muslim names for their sons and daughters according to their needs. No Muslim living abroad is more concerned about the names of Muslim children being associated with their roots.

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Islamic experts have suggested giving the best Baby Names Girls for a child. Muslim parents started searching for Muslim names for their sons and daughters according to their needs. No Muslim living abroad is more concerned about the names of Muslim children being associated with their roots.

The best Islamic name or Baby Names Girls platform on our website is trying to meet the needs of all Muslims living around the world Also a huge variety of New Born Baby with meanings and descriptions can be easily found here on our website.

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Baby Names Girls

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ABIR Arabic fragrance, perfume
AISHA / AYESHA Arabic lively, wife of the Prophet (pbuh) and daughter of Abu Bakr
ALISHBA beautiful, pretty
AMNA Arabic peace
ASMA Arabic prestige, exalted
ANUM Arabic benefit, blessing
AFIFA Arabic virtuous
ALEENA Arabic soft, delicate
ALIYA Arabic high, exalted
ANAM Arabic God’s living creations
AQSA Arabic farthest
AIZA Arabic respected, noble
AMARA Arabic eternal beauty
ANILA Urdu wind
AREESHA Arabic built structure
BASMA / BISMA Arabic / Urdu smile
BUSHRA Arabic glad-tidings, good news
ESHAAL Arabic the name of a flower in Paradise
FAIZA Arabic one who attains success
FARHEEN Urdu happy, joyous
FIZA Arabic breeze, wind
FARAH Arabic happiness, joy, gladness, gleefulness
FATIMA Arabic daughter of the Prophet (pbuh)
FAREEHA Arabic happiness
FAUZIA Arabic victorious
HAFSA / HAFSAH Arabic cub, young lioness
HIBA Arabic gift
HANIYA Arabic to be pleased or happy
HAREEM Arabic respectable
INAYA Arabic help, care, protection
IQRA Arabic to recite, to read
JAWARIA Arabic bringer of happiness
KHADIJA Arabic wife of The Prophet (pbuh)
KINZA Arabic treasure
KIRAN Sanskrit a beam of light
LAIBA an angel in heaven
MADIHA Arabic a woman worthy of praise
MAHNOOR moonlight
MARIAM Arabic mother of Prophet Isa (as)
MAHA Arabic beautiful names, resembling the moon
MAHREEN bright and beautiful as the sun
MEHWISH Arabic moon, beautiful
MAHEEN Arabic beautiful, radiant, moon-like
MAIRA Arabic swift, light
NADIA Persian caller
NEHA Hindi/Sanskrit rain
NAILA Arabic attainer, achiever
NIDA Arabic call, voice, proclaim
NAZIA Persian pride, to be proud
RABIA Arabic fourth
RUKHSANA Persian beautiful
RIDA Arabic contentment, favored by God
RIMSHA - bouquet of flowers
SAMREEN Hebrew beneficial
SABA Arabic soft breeze
SHAZIA Arabic princess, rare, exotic
SOBIA Arabic reward for good deeds
SADAF Arabic seashell
SANIA Arabic radiant, bright
SHUMAILA Arabic beautiful face
SONIA Greek wisdom, wise
SADIA Arabic blessed, successful
SEHRISH Persian sunrise
SIDRA name of a tree in heaven Arabic
SUMAIRA Arabic a beloved friend
TANWEER /TANVEER Arabic enlightened, illuminated
URWA Arabic support
UZMA Arabic grand
WAJIHA Arabic eminent, distinguished
ZAINAB Arabic name of one of the daughters of the Prophet (pbuh)
ZOYA Persian loving and caring
Nangialai - An Honorable And Notable Woman
Jamila - Beautiful; A Variant Spelling Is Gamila
Angeza - The One Who Puts Reason And Logic In Everything.
Suhair - Proper Name
Olayinka - Wealth Surrounds Me
Djin - A Courageous And Head-Strong Person Who Will Never Escape Hard Work And Struggle.
Fayha - A Perfuma, A Good Smell
Kesi - Born At Time Of Great Trouble For Father
Thufailah - A Woman Who Has Respect For The Elders
Zineta - Jewelry, Decoration
Darejan - Unique
Wafaa - Faithfulness
Tasweeb - One Who Speaks The Truth
Aaseeyah - Full Of Yearning Or Thoughtful
Zahirah - Shining, Luminous
Asilia - Honest
Rukhaiyabanu - The Name Of The Akbar'S Second Wife
Songl - The Last Rose
Cantara - One Who Comes From The Small Bridge
Yamna - On The Right Side, One Who Is Always Right.
Fardowsa - A Garden That Is Highest In Paradise
Suleika - A Variant Of Zuleika. It Was The Name Of Wife Of The King Of Egypt.
Rizwi - A Deeply Religious Woman
Batool - Ascetic Virgin; Maiden
Yusayrah - Easy; One Of The First Two Swear Allegiance (Bayah) To The Prophet
Taqdees - Pure, Sanctity And Holiness.
Rejhana - Rejhana Is A Bosnian Version Of Rihanna And Means Basil Plant.
Hana - Arabic For "Happiness," And Japanese For "Flower," Korean For "One, First, Consistency," And Hawaiian For "Work
Dhakirah - The One Who Remembers God Frequently.
Husay - Deer Or Gazelle, A Small And Slender Antelope With Curved Horns
Aasemah - A Guardian Angel
Ettie - A Word Which Means A Star Or Bride Or Myrtle.
Tahera - Free Of Any Contamination, Clean Person
Farhah - A Lively, Active Person
Roohi - A Music Tune That Touches The Heart
Kahkashan - Stars; Galaxy;
Taufeer - Muslim Name Describing Abundance Of Something
Tahjeira - Person Who Is Naived, Innocent Or Inexperienced
Shakrin - A Very Beautiful Lady
Shapira - Handsome
Shadee - One Who Sing Beautifuly, A Singer
Gorkem - Magnificent
Thurayyah - She Who Shines Like A Star
Fatiha - One Who Is Victorious
Tayaba - A Very Pleasant Person
Atfah - She Who Is Compassionate And Affectionate.
Emel - It Means Desire.
Gizem - One Who Is Mysterious, Mysterious
Shafana - A Person Of Integrity
Taqwa - Devotion To God
Thaina - A Praise
Nausheen - Attractive One Or Fine Looking One.
Kinaaz - Pride Of The King, Or A Princess Who Makes Her Father Proud.
Samra - One Who Is Dark Or Dark Skinned.
Memona - Blessings, One Who Is Thriving And Prosperous.
Shabiba - She Who Is Like A Grandmother
Shaguftah - A Person Who Blooms With Happiness
Esra - It Means More Or Quick.
Shumaylah - First Woman Who Wore Coloured Garments And Perfume
Walita - Duty
Zarlashta - A Beautiful, Golden Branch
Fazia - She Is Successfull And A Victor
Eness - Queen Of Beauty.
Dasia - Lebanese Term For Daisy Flower, Excellence
Byrganym - The One Lady Or Queen
Farishta - A Heaven'S Angel
Zimal - A Large Item Of Clothing That Covers The Entire Body.
Aibanu - Moon Lady
Aymelek - Moon Angel
Aisha - The One Who Is Characterized By Success Or Having Favorable Outcome, In Some Cases It Also Means 'Living'
Tuhfa - Refers To The Act Of Giving.
Takisha - The Favourite Child
Tarz - Music Rhythm
Shiyaaj - An Endevavourus, Hard-Working Woman
Farihah - A Felling Of Cheerfulness And Joy
Helai - Helai Is A Pashto Word For Swan
Sercan - Servant Or Slave
Shahzadi - Princess
Hiranur - Light Of The Diamond
Zarghuna - The Color Green
Sonbol - Ear Of Wheat, Ear Of Corn.
Sunat - A Woman Who Has A Way With Things, One With Good Methods
Smera - Smily
Sparghai - Ember Or Fire Spark
Fareeza - One Who Is Light
Aleena - Variation Of Alina Which Means Bright And Beautiful
Sheeba - One Who Gave An Oath
Larmina - Blue Sky
Sunbool - A Muslim Name Meaning A Spike Of Grain
Tamin - Safety, Support
Malghalara - Pashto Word For Pearl
Zaib - A Graceful And Beautiful Woman.
Shimaa - A Feeling Of Ectasy And Joy
Sumrah - A Woman Who Is Like A Heaven
Shukrah - She Who Is Full Of Thankfulness
Thoraya - Bright Starlight
Zaituna - Olive Tree
Suheily - A Violent, Stormy Weather
Abiyah - A Smart Of Beautiful Girl
Aasimah - Someone Who Guards, Watches Over Or Protects
Dilva - From The Heart.
Adorina - One Who Helps
Caria - She Who Flows Like A Water
Farzaneh - A Wise Woman.
Faridah - A Unique Woman
Banujah - The Daughter Of Al-Mahdi
Shamamah - A Very Dim Fragrance
Faheemah - A Girl With A Very Keen Eye For Details
Abbad - The Name Has A Meaning Of Spices, Sweet Herbs
Iffah - A Pure And Modest Girl.
Dila - Right From The Heart.
Zhavia - Perspective
Fazarat - A Woman Who Is Like A Leopard
Abazir - Spices, Herbs
Caliana - A Princess For Whom A Place Was Built In Spain
Taqwaa - Heedfulness To God
Selveta - Comfort, Consolation
Emine - It Means One Who Is Fearless And Courageous.
Awamila - An Active And Industrious Woman.
Shaimaa - A Good Natured Woman
Suria - To Be Like A Red Rose
Barika - Bloom, Be Successful
Shamaliyyah - A Name Of The Star
Aqsaa - Utmost, Farthest Or The Pinnacle.
Zar Wareen - The Woman Who Sprinkles Gold
Shirin Bano - A Sweet Lady
Aabroo - Prestige
Shasmeen - A Woman Who Is The Most Precious Among Them All
Tabina - Follower Of Muhammad
Tazara - One Who Is Elegant And Graceful
Rukhila - One Who Loves Her Heart
Gulmira - Flower Princess
Harir - Silk, Silken Cloth
Maramiya - Sympathetic; Aspiration; A Variant Of The Name Maram
Fatima - A Captivating Woman
Aighar - A Religious And Righteous Woman.
Souri - A Girl Who Is Like A Red Rose
Subbiha - A Woman Who Is Very Tidy And Clean
Ettra - A Queen Of Beauty.
Reshtina - Truthful, A Stern Believer Of Truth.
Shumail - A Muslim Name Meaning Soorat
Aa'Idah - Name Of A Female Narrator Of Hadith.
Tahmina - Rustam'S Wife In A Famous Poem; Strong Woman
Rahumah - A Woman Who Is Kind, Merciful And Compassionate.
Lilan - Yodel
Avesta - Received Knowledge
Fayyaza - A Lady Who Is Very Cheritable And Generous
Thheiba - A Responsible, Reasonable And Affectionate Being
Faryat - A Sun-Shine'S Delight
Hasnija - Beauty
Fasiha - A Woman Who Is Eloquent
Summaya - She Who Is Special And Unique
Sulaima - A Flawless Girl Who Is Safe And Sound
Taherah - Morally Pure And Decent, Not Sinful
Zaima - Leader, A Woman With Leadership Qualities.
Bahija - One Who Is Happy In Every Situation
Ulzhalgas - Son, Boy Continuation
Shekiera - She Who Is Thankful
Muzhirah - Plant Whose Flowers Are Opening, Blooming.
Fehmeeda - The One Who Has A Clever Mind.
Fatina - A Perceptive And Intelligent Woman
Taqiya - She Who Fears God
Imtihal - A Polite And Obedient Girl.
Wahidah - Unique; Singular; Sole; Exclusive; Beautiful; A Variant Spelling Is Waheeda
Shahfiqa - A Kind Girl
Zakiyah - A Lady Of Keen Perception And Sharp Mind
Shazmina - The One Who Is Capable Of Too Much Love
Baseema - Smiling; Spring
Shayda - A Woman Who Is In Love
Budur - The Time Of The Full Moon
Taybah - She Who Is Pure
Amberlee - Arabic - A Precious Jewel; A Jewel-Quality Fossilized Resin; It Refers To A Colour Name Which Is Shade Of Warm Honey
Safija - Bosnian Form Of Safiya, Meaning Clean And Pure.
Sumaya - She Who Is High Above
Lamija - One With A Shining, Glowing Personality.
Husniyya - A Muslim Name For Girls
Tanjika - She Who Is Rescued
Ziynet - Ornament
Grahati - Grahati Is The Name Of God Lakshmi. God Lakshmi Is The God Of Money.
Atta - Father; Twin; A Variant Spelling Is Ataa; Ancestor, Forerunner And Forefather In Turkish
Zera - Dawn
Aimen - Most Congratulated.
Ruqayyah - Muhammed'S Female Child
Mehreen - A Bright And Beautiful Female Filled With Quite A Loving Nature. One Who Is Freindly With All.
Tashveer - A Beautiful Portret
Hajjah - A Female Narrator Of Hadith.
Hamdiya - A Woman With A Noble And Admirable Personality.
Milta - Talk Or Conversation.
Anum - A Blessing Who Is A Holy Stone; Mercy Of Allah
Bakhtawara - A Baby Girl Born With Tremendous Luck
Aaniya - The Meaning Of Aaniya Is Affectionate, Caring And Consoler
Bintulbahr - Daughter Of The Sea
Tahira - Pure, Clean
Zalika - One Who Is Well Born.
Suhbat - One Who Is A Good Companion And Leds Interesting Conversations
Fahdah - A Girl Who Is Gorgeous Like A Leopard
Ibtisam - Smile, A Girl With A Smiling Face.
Ieisha - Alive Or She Who Lives.
Bariah - Doing Extremely Well
Munawara - An Enlightened And Wise Woman
Ibthaj - Joy, A Girl Who Brings Joy Wherever She Goes.
Ruwaida - To Walk Very Gently
Farsiris - A Royal Girl, A Princess
Aliah - Ascend, Rise, Climb
Fatihah - A Conqueror, One Who Starts
Seada - One Who Is Happy And Cheerful.
Emmary - A Person Who Can Be Believed Or Who Has Faith; A Faithful Person.
Hiba - Gift Of God
Zhala - The Luminosity And Shine Of Moon
Yasmoon - A Name Of Jasmine Flower.
Fidda - One Who Is Like As Sliver
Shahrin - A Month Of The Year
Suradhuni - A Bengali Name Meaning River Ganges
Taahira - Pure, Chaste
Suleyma - A Safe Person
Zuha - Forenoon, Or The Time Between Sunrise And Noon.
Jenab - Malay Form Of Zaynab, Meaning A Father'S Precious Jewel.
Azeebah - Something Or Someone That'S Fresh Or Sweet.
Farhanah - A Very Happy Woman
Adalet - Turkish - Justice
Rusen - One Who Is Jovial And Cheerful.
Somaieh - One Who Is High Above Others
Taraneh - Persian Name Meaning A Song
Parkha - Dew Or Tiny Droplets Of Water Falling At Night
Bazif - To Be Proud Of Something.
Gulnoor - The Light Of Flower, Light Or Radiance.
Subarnapratima - She Who Is A Very Beautiful Image
Sumara - A Woman Who Enternains
Bassamat - One Who Smiles
Burhumat - A Girl Gentle As A Flowerbud
Amira - A Born Princess Who Has A Heart Of Gold
Faghira - She Who Smells Like A Jasnime Flower
Bazriqa - Exalted; Great
Rukan - A Person With A Steady Nature
Sitarah - She Who Is Like The Star In The Sky
Sihar - One Who Is Fascinated And Enchanted With Things And People
Asiya - Pensive, Wistful And Melancholic; Name Of The Pious Wife Of The Pharaoh
Faeezah - A Woman Who Is A Leader Of People
Ersheen - God'S Beauty.
Shafeeqa - A Tenderhearted And Kind Woman
Amberly - Arabic - Amber; A Precious Jewel; A Jewel Quality Fossilized Resin; Ruler Of The Jewels
Baraah - Innocence
Lunara - Kazakh Short Form Of Gulnara It Means Flower, Rose And Pomegranate
Emmita - Sweet Mother
Zhalai - Hail, Pellets Of Frozen Rain, Falling In Showers From Clouds
Farwah - A Name Of The Companions
Rawiah - A Person Who Can Transmitt Ancient Arabic Poetry
Muniba - One Who Is Devoted To God.
Aleeza - Happiness
Shaista - One Who Is Polite And Well-Behaved
Asmin - Sky
Ihkam - Excellence, Or Mastery,
Parigul - Angel Of Flowers.
Batoul - Virgin, Untouched, Pristine
Suntaha - Waiting
Rasheeda - One Of True Faith
Vardah - An Arabic Word For Rose.
Sahiqa - Lebanese Term For Rain.
Gabina - Honey Or As Sweet As Honey. A Girl With Sweet Disposition
Syeda - She Who Is A Mistress
Tanzeela - One Who Is Received Hospitably
Siharn - A Feeling Of Enchantment
Zurah - The Heavenly Body Venus.
Imani - Variation Of Iman Which Means Faith
Bahira - One Who Is Born With Brilliant Beauty
Bashnin - Lotus
Fazeela - A Faithful And Virtuous Woman
Takeiyah - One Who Worships
Shafna - A Purehearted Woman
Tahmineh - Female Character In Shanameh Epic, A Mother Of Sohrab
Firoza - Turquoise, A Semi-Precious Stone
Wejah - She Who Practices Purdah.
Sajjal - Nice, Fine, Beautiful, Well-Arranged
Ranrha - Light
Baheerah - An Extremely Beautiful And Radiant Woman.
Tanzila - One Who Comes From The Heavens
Taroob - Merry
Faaria - A Woman Who Is Tall And Slim
Yildiz - Star
Aanisah - Pious-Hearted Lady, One Who Is Good-Natured.
Fattim - A Prophet'S Female Chind
Humberga - Happiness
Aqidah - Faith Or Belief In Something.
Names - Meaning
Sumamah - A Name Of The Plant Millet
Sawsan - Lily Of The Valley
Adimu - Rare
Benazira - A Girl With No Comparison
Aatikah - Kind And Affectionate
Shamsa - Sun
Durnaz - Beautiful Like Pearls, Adorable
Aamaal - The Word Means The Belief Or Expectation Or Aspiration
Ghuzayyah - A Female Narrator Of Hadith.
Tooba - Best Or Excellent Or A Tree Form Heaven
Aminifu - A Woman Who Is Faithful.
Suad - She Who Is Very Glad
Kulpynai - Strawberry
Rubeina - A Waterfall Of Love
Beebee - Wife; The Settlement Of Bee
Imtithal - Polite Obedience
Ameenah - Arabic - Truthful; Trustworthy; Faithful; Honest Woman; A Variant Spelling Of Name Amina
Iffaa - One Who Keeps Her Faith Alive.
Sitinorlaila - An Exclusive, Beloved And Friendly Individual
Murisa - One Who Leaves Inheritance
Safeta - Clean Or Pure
Waheeda - Unique; Singular; Sole; Exclusive; Beautiful; A Variant Spelling Is Wahida
Sobiya - A Name Of The Prophet
Meliha - A Beautiful And Pretty Woman.
Sharice - A Woman Preciously Held
Shadiyah - Singer
Aasymah - The One Who Is A Protector And Guardian
Rutaba - Reputation
Umihana - Mother Of Hani
Touba - The Blessed Or The Best Person
Sakiba - One Who Is Sharp-Minded.
Aaira - The One Who Is Worthy Of Respect, Who Is Noble And Honorable
Irmela - One Who Is Gorgeous, Shiny, And Radiant.
Yayota - A Beautiful Woman
Fadeelah - One Who Is Learned And Distinguished.
Maha - Gazelle; Beautiful Eyes; Splendid; Beloved To Amun
Khulud - Immortality; Eternal
Subhija - Dawn Or Early Bird.
Bahiyyah - Radiant And Beautiful.
Amineh - Arabic - Truthful; Trustworthy; Faithful; Honest Woman; A Variant Spelling Of Name Amina
Tipah - One Who Is Gentle And Kind. A Form Of Latipha.
Ablaa - Perfectly Formed
Arezo - Wish Or Desire
Shezreen - A Particle Og Gold
Amira - A Born Princess Who Has A Heart Of Gold
Faakhiree - A Woman Who Will Surpass Others
Tarub - Merry
Rupsha - A Girl With Impeccable Beauty And A Name Of The River Of Bangladesh
Tahereh - Free From All Sins, Pure One
Ibtisama - Smile
Yalina - One Who Is Soft And Delicate.
Mabrura - A Pious Girl Or Woman Who Is Accepted By Allah.
Muminah - Feminine Believer
Gulaisha - Alive Flower
Tahzib - Receiving Or Giving Systematic Instruction At A School Or University
Shezmin - A Flower
Roshina - The One Who Gives Light
Aalaa - The One Who Has A Great Values Or Quality, Highest In The World
Rimsha - A Beautiful Bouqet Of Flowers
Almedina - One Who Is Devoted To Faith Or One Who Is Civilized.
Munira - Glowing, Illuminated
Warda - Pashto Term For Rose
Faeiqa - A Superb And Excellent Woman
Jahida - A Har Working Woman
Nageenah - Precious Stone
Zoya - Life
Foram - A Fragrance Or A Pleasant Aroma
Paša - A Rank In Military System.
Gul Makai - Gul Makai Is The Name Of The Heroine Of The Famous Folk Tale "Musa Khan Aw Gul Makai"
Aabirah - Something That Is Fleeting, Transitory, Ephemeral.
Perseng - Name Of A Star
Saba - A Soft Breeze
Cancandanc - Allah'S Light
Aaminabee - The One Who Is Blessed With The Grace Of God
Wafiyyah - Loyal; Faithful; A Variant Spelling Is Wafiya
Sibgha - Color Or Dye.
Bano - Girl; Lady; Princess; Bride
Nurgul - Radiant Rose
Aleena - Variation Of Alina Which Means Bright And Beautiful
Silaah - To Be Reunited
Rosemah - One Who Is As Beautiful As A Rose.
Juwariyah - Name Of Prophet Muhammad'S Wife.
Shiza - She Is A Preset, A Gift
Tayma - An Oasis
Raim - A Mother Who Has Strong Affection For Her Child.
Haniya - Pleased, Happy
Tuqaa - One Who Is Attentive Towards Responsibility Of God
Baheela - A Beautiful Woman.
Nusreta - Victory Or Help
Azarnoush - Right In Faith
Kaida - Kaida Means Little Dragon
Zahriyyah - Flower-Like, Or Flower Vase
Hunaidah - Small Of Hind
Shaheera - An Emintent. Distinuished Woman
Gulfeshan - A Sweet Smelling Rose.
Intisar - Triumph
Dersima - The Name Comes From Kurdish City Dersim.
Rumeysa - Variant Of Rumaisa. It Means Wind That Scatters Dust And Hides Footprints And Tracks.
Aida - Something Of Value Given In Return Of Some Thing Good, Reward In Some Cases It Means Return
Sozan - Glowing Or Burning
Talibah - Seeker After Knowledge
Meyirzhan - A Kind Soul
Tawbah - A Remorseful Woman
Badiyah - A Sindhi Term For Desert.
Abrisham - Silk
Marnita - To Put In Front Of One'S Eyes
Areeba - Brilliant; Sharp; Witty And Smart; A Variant Spelling Is Areebah
Farhina - A Feeling Of Happiness And Jy
Amelia - The One Who Is Industrious, Hard Working And Fertile
Samaira - A Compagnion In The Converations Led At Night
Badeeda - Specimen Or Example.
Fattana - A Very Beautiful, Gorgeous Woman
Shafiqa - A Kind, Simphatetic Woman
Somadha - A Woman Who Feels Complete
Shastai - Pashto Word For Chrysanthemum
Zubaydah - One Who Is Soft Bodied.
Damrina - Amazing
Aalin - The Name Means "Beautiful, Calm, Fair, Graceful, Serene."
Arisha - Arabic Word Which Means Peaceful
Souad Or Suad - She Who Has Good Fortune In Like
Toulin - A Circular Band Of Light Around Moon
Fauqiyah - A Woman Of High Grades
Yeganeh - Unique
Merjan - Lebanese Term For Diamond Or Pearl.
Huriyah - She Who Is The Virgin Of The Paradise
Esah - Alive
Sukaynah - A Woman Of Calm Nature
Barzah - Name Of A Female Narrator Of Hadith.
Esin - Inspiration, An Inspirational Woman.
Arafaa - Name Of A Mountain Close To Mecca.
Jalyn - A Jay Bird
Paksima - One With An Innocent Face.
Abadi - Someone Who Is Immortal
Faaghira - She Who Is Like A Jasmine Flower
Akifah - A Woman Who Likes To Stay Busy And Occupied.
Seniya - One Who Is Praiseworthy
Zhibek - Silk
Fatemeh - A Captivating Chaste Woman
Aafiyat - Health, Freedom From Illness.
Džemila - Bosnian Version Of Jamila, Meaning Beautiful.
Darejani - A Form Of Darejan, Meaning Unique
Aaseiyah - One Who Tends And Heals The Weak And Poor
Faseelah - A Sindhi Term For Some Distance
Kaasheen - A Place North Of Ilam In Iran.
Aalia - The One Having Superior Social Standing And The One Exalted, Of High Esteem
Anum - A Blessing Who Is A Holy Stone; Mercy Of Allah
Umit - Hope
Sooria - To Be Like A Red Rose
Areebah - Brilliant; Sharp; Witty And Smart; A Variant Of Name Areeba
Feeiza - One Who Is Victorous, One Who Won
Tahani - Congratulate Someone For Something Good That Has Happened To Them
Siddeeqa - A Righteous Friend, An Honest Woman
Rubiya - An Arrival Of The Spring Season
Bayyinat - Clear Signs Or Clear Proofs
Rouhi - A Female, Woman Name Of Muslim Origin
Iraj - Flower Or Blossom.
Suravi - A Lady Who Can Be Compared To The Sun
Faten - A Woman Of Great Charm
Horiya - Angel Or A Black Eyed Heavenly Nymph.
Baarizah - A Prominent Personality.
Baseera - Insight, Wisdom, Clear Proof
Tarja - Upholder Of Good
Injila - Shining, Brilliant, Glittering And Glistening
Khudeeja - A Girl Who Is Born Before She Is Due, Early Baby, Or Premature Baby.
Zaafirah - Victorious, Or Successful
Fadilah - She Is A Generous Giver
Fadhila - A Woman Who Is Abundant
Taara - Star, Or Apple Of The Eye.
Edrice - A Prosperous Ruler
Sughra - She Who Is Small, Short
Fathiya - To Fight And Win
Hura - Woman Who Has Freedom
Su'Ad - A Feeling Of Gladness
Mersada - Watchtower Or Supervision
Durr-E-Shahwar - Kings Worthy Pearl.
Simrah - A Woman Who Is An Entertaining Companion
Nermina - A Variant Of Nermana, Meaning Hero.
Aatifa - Affection And Sympathy
Shumaila - The Name Means Soorat
Farzia - A Female, A Girl
Farizah - A Principal, An Arch
Perveen - Pleiades Or Cluster Of Stars.
Farzana - A Woman Who Has Great Knowledge
Zulfah - Nearness, Closeness; One Who Is Very Dear; A Variant Spelling Is Zulfa Which Means First Part Of Night
Mahnoor - The One Who Is Lit By The Light Of The Moon
Ferhana - One Leading A Comfortable Life.
Sovhona - One Who Posesses True Beauty
Taraab - Urdu Name Meaning Joy And Sorrow
Gulya - Flower
Hamia - One With A Sense Of Honor.
Gulbadam - Flower, Or As Beautiful As Flower
Aulia - Good Friend And Companion
Azari - Virgin Or Maiden, A Chaste Woman.
Gul Warin - The Name Is Derived From Gulwari And Means The One Who Sprinkles Flower.
Buqayrah - Name Of A Female Narrator Of Hadith.
Zmarak - Like A Little Lion
Sheenaz - One Who Posesses Great Beuty
Tayyebah - A Chaste Woman
Farkhondah - One With Grat Luck And Happiness
Umayma - Little Mother
Jabirah - One Who Consols Others
Manahil - A Girl Who Is Like A Spring Of Fresh Water
Aamna - The State Of Tranquility And Harmony
Ghashmira - Liberty, Generosity, Munificence
Tazkia - A Girl Who Is Specian
Chaghama - A Type Of Folk Music In Afghanistan.
Aani - The Name Came From A Famous Literary Woman And Poetess In Qastaniniyah
Jahan Aara - Adornment Of The World.
Zafirah - Triumphant, Successful; Victorious; Winner
Afshan - Afghan - To Sprinkle; Glitter; Adornment Aids
Bolour - A Woman Who Is Like A Crystal
Thubaytah - Name Of The Daughter Of Yaar Bin Zayd Al-Ansariyah
Badah - A Person Who Is Broad Minded.
Zumarrad - Emerald, Precious Stone
Thurrayya - Arabic Word For Stars And Planets
Begum - Princess; Lady
Zikra - Recollection, Memory, Remembrance, Thoughts Of The Past
Soulmaz A Persian - A Woman Who Never Wilts
Faatima - A Captivating Woman Who Is Abstinating
Aminah - Filled With Honesty And Trustworthy Nature
Iqala - A Woman Who Is Humble And Modest.
Damsa - A Silk Of White Color.
Basmah - A Smile
Uswah - Brightness, Or Ray
Zivah - One Who Is Bright And Shining.
Rahmiya - A Compassionate And Kind Woman.
Sabburah - A Girl With A Patient And Enduring Personality.
Aamina Bee - The One Who Is Blessed With The Grace Of God
Nursulu - Light, Illumination
Shaqra - A Woman Of Blond Hair And Fair Complexion Who Is From Ashqar
Zareesh - A Woman With Great Wealth
Shaielle - An Uninelligble Speaker
Bihin - Better Or Best Than Others.
Zala - Shine And Brightness
Taebba - One Who Is Pure And Chaste
Qahira - A Woman Who Overpowers Others And Is Always A Victor
Sharina - Princess
Hurairah - One Who Is Like A Little Cat, A Kitten
Feeidha - One Who Has A Rewarding And Generous Personality
Heba - The Gift Of God; Generous Gift
Quasar - Meteorite; Someone From Unique And Otherworldly
Fayda - One Who Has Plenty
Rayme - Loving; Caring
Fakhtah - Sindhi Term For Dove.
Mirzeta - Princess
Aamanee - The Good Desire, Hope Or A Sound Blessing
Abla' - Perfectly Formed
Sharicka - A Woman Who Is A Partner In Life
Fawiza - A Woman Of Big Success
Sharika - Mayna
Tanseem - Water That Falls From A High Place
Shamila - An All-Understanding One
Shefali - A Sweet Smelling Flower
Afaafa - Virtue
Marzhan - Pearl Or Coral
Aamira - The Superior Or Being Prosperous And Abundant
Banou - Female; Lady; Princess
Anadia - Something That'S Delicate, Moist And Tender.
Taqiyah - She Who Is Heedful Of God
Tubba - Pure And Diligent Human Being; A Tree From Heaven
Buhairah - She Who Is The Sea, The Ocen And The River
Yamileth - Beautiful
Fida - Sacrifice; Redemption; Offering To Protect Others
Taisha - Someone Who Is Alive; She Who Lives
Somaya - A Soft Person, Who Has A Calm Nature
Serina - Calm And Tranquil, A Girl With A Calm And Tranquil Nature
Bahiga - One Who Has Social And Charming Nature
Saira - One Who Is Like A Bird
Effat - Virtue, Or Chastity
Shadi - She Is A Singer
Shadha - Aromatic
Yasim - Jasmine; Fragrance; Sweet Smelling Like Jasmine; Beautiful And Fair
Nagma - The Tune Or The Melody
Aynoor - A Beautiful And Gorgeous Woman.
Rifna - An Angel Faced Princess
Ibtihal - Supplication And Prayer.
Saar-Rah - Lady Whose Charming Manner Brings Joy.
Marjanita - Daughter Of The Sea.
Zumurrud - Pakistani Word For Emerald Or Precious Stone.
Taquaia - One Who Worships God
Basheera - Bringer Of Good Tidings
Halimah - Gentle, Soft-Spoken, Mild Manner
Lujaina - The Silver One
Izla - Name Of A River.
Tanjia - She Who Brings Salvation
Sania - A Moment In Time Preserved
Lamees - Soft To The Touch
Feheema - A Brainy And Intelligent Woman
Shafeeqah - A Tenderhearted Compassionate Woman
Delal - Sweetheart, Dear Or Beautiful
Kareema - Kareema Means Kind And Compassionate
Aiza - Respected, Having High Place In The Society
Abru - An Honour Or The Dignity Of A Person
Aafia - The Name Signifies The Person Who Cool And Composed And Free From All Worries
Shudun - A Straight Woman Of Powerful Personality
Mahvash - One Who Is Moon Like.
Tharaa - Wealth
Abreshmina - A Spotted Gemstone, A Gemstone That Has Spot
Irhaa - To Make Calm Or To Make Serene
Ereshva - A Righteous Being.
Arjin - Fire Of Life
Aarifa - One Endowed With Great Knowledge.
Tevhida - Belief In God'S Oneness
Baheenah - A Beautiful Woman.
Buhaysah - A Woman Who Narrates Hadith
Syidah - The Female Leader
Alima - Arabic - Learned; Wise; Cultured; Intelligent; Educated And Intellectual
Tazmeen - One With Great Habits And Nature
Munah - One Who Is Favored By Destiny.
Taman - One Who Is Like A Garden
Sazan - Carp Or Roach
Basaaria - Beautiful; Prior
Farhana - A Cheerful And Merry Woman
Fellah - A Girl Who Is Like A Flower Jasmine
Enlik - Edelweiss
Shamaliyy - A Star On The Sky
Qailah - One Of The Names Of Name Of A Sahabiyyah (Ra).
Turandot - Name Of The Beautiful Daughter Of Turan
Sidida - A Friendly Woman
Aresha - A Queen
Qamra - A Lebanese Term For Moon.
Fahhama - A Woman Of Great Knowledge
Telina - Variation Of Lina, A Palm Tree
Bashirah - Bringer Of Good Tidings; Glad Tiding; Happy News; Joy
Fareedah - She Who Is Precious As A Perl
Fahreta - Fame, Greatness, Brilliance.
Tasleemah - A Peaceful Greeting
Tijah - Malay Form Of Khadija, Meaning Premature Child.
Zaitun - Olive
Ghareebah - Strange Or Foreign
Rabiah - The Fourth One
Faiqa - A Siblime Woman Of High Status
Ismeta - Innocent, Saved From Sin.
Fareefta - A Devoted Lover
Farqadin - Two Stars Near The Pole
Wadaana - A Girl Destined To Be Wealthy And Prosperous
Đemila - A Beautiful Woman.
Kaamnoosh - Sweet Wish Or, Sweet Desire
Zuhairah - Blossom, Radiant, Shining
Thuraia - A Star In The Sky
Taheera - Simple Or Restrained Person
Abanna - A Girl Being Tall, Strong
Aafreen - Afareen Is A Persian Name For Girls, Sometimes Also Used For Boys, That Means "To Praise", "To Give Thanks", "To Congratulate", It Is Also An Expression Of Praise And Gratitude
Amberlyn - Arabic - A Jewel; A Combination Of Names Amber And Lynn; A Jewel-Quality Fossilize
Suml - She Is An Early Distinguisher
Soudah - A Person Who Is Black, A Black One
Ikhlas - Sincerity
Batinah - Something Hidden Or Innate.
Tamadhur - Proper Name
Mehrbano - Princess Of The Water
Surayyah - To Be The 7 Pleiades Stars
Turfa - Refers To Unique Or Exclusive.
Liyan - Snowshoe
Wisal - Communion In Love
Samyan - Singular, Unique, Incomparable,
Aamal - The Word Means To Get To Work Or Stay In Motion
Shahay - Beautiful. It'S The Name Of The Heroine Of Folk Tale "Dalay Aw Shahay, A Love Story At The Times Of Mughal Emperor Akbar"
Nura - The Person Who Gives Nimble.
Qiraat - Recitation Of The Quran.
Aadina - The Name Aadina Has A Meaning Of Delicate, Slender It Also Has A Meaning Of Friday
Fawza - An Accomplished And Victorious Woman
Joyah - Malay Form Of Zoya, Meaning Life.
Rifah - The Feeling Of Dignity And Elevation
Irem - Gardens In Heaven
Zaweela - Motion, Or Activity
Farida - One With No Match
Fatma - A Woman Who Captivates
Ansharah - When The Heart Becomes Open, Relief And Relaxation.
Ghamzeh - Coquetry
Zlem - Longing, Yearning
Abbasah - Lioness
Burum - A Woman Like A Flower Blossom
Imane - Variation Of Iman Which Means Faith
Tamanni - One Who Is Hopeful And Wishful
Rujita - A Woman Known For Her Beauty
Rukhsar - A Woman With Pretty Face And Cheeks
Ambra - Arabic - Amber; A Precious Jewel; A Jewel Quality Fossilized Resin; Ruler Of The Jewels
Farah - Arabic Name For Happiness
Aasia - Person Is Very Hopeful And The Name Refers To Largest Continent Of The Earth
Saimi - A Variation Of Saima. It Means Fasting Woman.
Burdah - A Dutiful Worshipper
Benesh - Wisdom Or Intellect.
Aafreeda - The Name Signifies A Person Who Is Just Put To Existence Or Produced
Mawiza - Guidance, Admonition, Word Of Encouragement.
Abir - Fragrance
Peghra - To Praise Or Someone Worthy Of A Praise
Mehrvash - Like The Sun.
Kasi - Kasi Name Means The One Who Comes From The Holy City
Sakeena - One With The God-Inspired Peace Of Mind
Shahla - A Woman Of Bluish-Black Eyes
Tazagul - Clean Flower
Rizwana - One Who Is A Beautiful Guardian Of Paradise
Galiba - Winner
Shafiulla - A Woman Who Is Comappionate
Surayya - The Name Of The Pleaisades, The Group Of Seven Stars Of Thaurus Constellation
Maeena - One Who Takes Care Of Others.
Asma - A High Status Girl
Aaliya - The One Who Is Excellent, And Of High Position Who Is Supreme
Birrah - Good Deed
Saadat - Blessing
Rekhmina - Silken, Name Of A Fabric
Aabish - Name Of Sa'D'S Daughter. Also The Name Of A Queen Of Iran.
Ruqayqah - A Prominent Woman'S Name
Yesna - Prayer, Supplication, Worship
Abaasa - Lioness
Aasemah - A Guardian Angel
Tuqa - Paying Close Attention To Responsibilities On God'S Side.
Ruwaidah - An Unhurrying, Gentle Person
Leyla - The One Who Is Born At Night
Zamira - Lean, And Fit
Ajna - Real Or Original
Ghuncha - A Bunch Of Flowers
Abia - Great
Thuraya - Star
Bhajat - Splendour; Magnificence; Pomp; Joy; Happiness
Farideh - One Who Is Delightful And Unique
Sulafah - A Choicest Wine
Fatma - A Woman Who Captivates
Razija - She Who Is Satisfied, Content With Her Life.
Sefa - Pleasure
Sorfina - One Who Is Clean And Neat
Tasnuva - A Piece Of Gold
Farhannah - Happy Or Blissful.
Takija - One Who Worships
Ghaada - Beautiful
Sileema - One Who Is Safe
Basoos - She Was The Daughter
Raheema - A Tenderhearted Girl
Wasiya - One Who Is Gracious, Patient, And Powerful.
Fadila - A Woman Who Gives Generously
Aila - Nobel
Yegane - A Woman Of Incomparable Beauty.
Faeema - She Who Reached Fame
Ayishah - The One Who Is Characterized By Success Or Having Favorable Outcome, In Some Cases It Also Means 'Living'
Basmat - A Smile
Halifa - Friend, Or Ones Who Always Stay Together.
Zaafarani - Saffron
Mubaraka - Blessed, Sacred, And Blissful.
Faariha - A Joyful And Cheerful Girl
Zaytoonah - A Single Olive; Olive Tree; A Variant Form Of Name Zaituna; Zaytoon Is Another Variant Form
Betul - Ascetic Virgin; Maiden
Shakeeba - A Patient Woman
Aigerim - One Who Is Very Beautiful
Faiqah - A Successful Woman.
Hiyam - A Feeling Of Love, To Love Someone
Almasi - Diamond
Esana - A Feminized Word Meaning To Safeguard.
Tayyibah - A Chaste Woman
Haniah - Of Happiness And Bliss
Sikeena - A Feeling Of Devout And Tranquility
Suhaima - She Who Is Like A Little Arrow
Somila - Tranquil
Limees - Something That'S Tender, Delicate And Soft To Touch.
Aaseyah - One Who Be Apt To Weak And The One Who Makes Good Console & Comfort
Bazmara - Beauty Of Company
Basima - Basima Is Smiling
Bathshira - Seventh Girl-Child
Rayowa - Life
Zulla - Shade, Especially The Shade Of Trees.
Tahiyat - Giving Sign Of Recognition
Vildana - Children
Fathima - A Woman Who Abstains
Fazeen - An Increasing, Something That Gets Bigger
Tyesha - Blooming And Healthy.
Taquaya - A Worshipper
Brekhna - Lightning Or Lightning Bolt
Fasila - To Go The Distance
Abqari - An Ingenious Person, Multi-Colored
Fatime - She Who Captivates
Jalynn - God May Protect
Abarrane - Being Mother Of Multitude
Aleza - Joy Or Daughter Of Ali
Sireen - She Who Is The Wife Of A Man Who Is A Companion Of The Prophet
Layan - A Tender And Soft Girl
Banafsaj - Violent Flower
Fawzia - A Woman Who Is Winning
Shafinaz - A Pretty, Lovely And Kind Woman
Aamilah - One Who Always Does What'S Right. A Righteous Woman.
Sihaam - Arrows
Aminia - Arabic - Truthful; Trustworthy; Faithful; Honest Woman; A Variant Spelling Of Name Amina
Tahiyya - To Support Or Comfort Someone
Rabihaat - Winners, Acquirers
Soroushi - Happiness
Wajia - A Beautiful Melody
Lyazzat - Sweet, Pleasant, Beautiful
Taliba - One Who Seeks Knowledge
Atafah - One Who Is Affectionate And Compassionate.
Aaseamah - The One Who Is Protector
Shamaamah - Fragrance Or Scent Of Itr Or Perfume.
Barraqa - Bright; Brilliant; Shining; Sparkling; Glittering; Feminine Of Barraq
Zar Bibi - Zar Means Gold And Bibi Means Woman.
Alaya - Arabic - High Status; Exalted; Sublime; Superb; Extremely Beautiful;
Kashwini - Kashwini Means Star
Kwento - One Who Protects The Family Name From Destruction
Tajmeel - A Decoration That Is Pleasing To The Eyes
Ige - Born Feet First
Fadia - A Woman Who Is A Redeemer
Ferwa - Passion, Fondness, Desire Or Longing.
Taaliah - God-Fearing, Devoted To God; Woman Who Recites The Quran Often
Sulwa - Things And People Who Bring Happiness
Huzza - Muslim Girl Name
Shifa - Sweet
Tujela - Tujela Is The Name Of A Plateau.
Swaleha - One Who Is A Good Person
Takia - Righteous, Morally Right Or Justifiable
Fathia - To Achieve Victory
Subaytah - A Woman Who Is Of Brave Nature
Wijdan - Ecstasy, Sentiment
Bizziza - Victory
Shazana - Urdu Name Meaning Princess
Mahabbat - Love
Ruhee - A Woman Who Touches Your Heart With Her Soul
Danishara - One Who Always Learns
Kushaaneh - A Girl Who Strives
Shahlaa - A Girl Whose Eyes A Re Bluish-Black Color
Salma - She Who Brings Peace
Aara - The Person Who Can Be Adored, Adoring
Tasmia - To Mention The Name Of Allah.
Sharfa - A Woman With Glowing Qualities
Taiwo - The First Of The Twin To See The World
Buhaisah - One Who Walks Around With Pride
Taslima - One Who Salutes
Fadiyah - A Heroic And Gallant Woman
Kauser - A River In Paradise; A Fountain In Heaven
Saahirah - Earth, Moon, Or Spring Which Flows Constantly
Zoreed - One Who Meets, One With Strong Intentions.
Aasiyah - Pharaoh'S Wife Who Embraced Islam
Zarafshan - Spreader Of Gold Or One Who Spreads Happiness.
Thashin - The Acclaimed One
Turan - The Land Or Place Of Tur, Who Was A Persian Hero.
Fariba - A Woman Who Plays Tricks On People
Hakimah - A Wise And Judicious Woman.
Fazalah - A Praiseworthy And Excellent Woman
Fardoos - One Who Loves Gardens
Shabnam - She Is Like The First Morning Dew
Maryam - Our Lady
Aasima - Protector And Defender
Kiswar - Nation, Country Or Realm.
Mardina - She Who Is Righteous And Just.
Suhayla - One Who Is Smooth And Soft And Flowing Like A River
Zerya - Kurdish Word For Sea.
Summaiyya - She Is A Pure Woman
Liyana - A Tender And Delicate Woman
Ruhaniya - A Woman Filled With Spirituality
Sukaina - A Woman Who Was A Narrator Of Hadith
Emma Dil - Heart'S Wish
Shahi - A Rolyal Woman
Sabina - A Latin Girl Name
Rashauna - Splendid Flower Of God; Strong Defender; Shield
Basma - A Beam, Shaft Of Light
Sibaal - A Woman Who Has Long Eyelashes
A\'Ishah - The One Who Is Characterized By Success Or Having Favorable Outcome, In Some Cases It Also Means 'Living'
Thazeen - Beautifully Radiant One
Nakhat - Perfume Or Scent Or Bouquet Or Sweet Smell.
Ibrat - Wisdom To Learn From Experience.
Fusaylah - A Sindhi Term For Some Distance
Tahirah - A Pure, Pristine Person
Bisma - Bisma Is Unknown
Samija - Elevated, High
Fatimah - Accustom; Daughter Of The Prophet Muhammad; Captivating
Nahal - A Young Plant
Aaleyah - The One Having Superior Social Standing And The One Exalted, Of High Esteem
Ferine - She Is The West Wind
Yuvleen - Absorbed In Youthfulness; One Who Is Young And Vibrant With Youthful Energy
Shameema - A Scent, A Fragrance
Sulabha - Simple, Easily Available
Takiya - Someone Who Is Polite And With Good Morals
Bustan - She Is Like An Orchard
Jahaan - She Is The Whole World
Fawzah - She Is A Winner And A Success
Abila - Beautiful And Healthy.
Kasia - Kasia Means Bright, Pure
Ajša - Bosnian Version Of Aisha. It Means Alive Or Healthy.
Nijaza - Wish Or Need
Feme - A Name Of Love
Tor Pikai - A Girl With Black Hair
Bulan - A Moon And The Month In Indonesian
Kejal - Gazelle
Tela - Short For Of Ottelia
Zara - Princess Or To Blossom
Sheeza - A Restless Person
Shakufa - The Opening Bud.
Hijrah - To Move To Another Place, A Migration
Baraim - Blossom; Bud; Plural Of Burum
Taquiia - One Who Prays To God
Fathiyya - A Great Victor
Sury - She Is Like The Red Rose
Shabana - Belonging To Night
Abeedah - A Devout Worshipper
Anoud - Brave, Strong And Courageous.
Basbas - Basbas Was The Name Of Ibn Nafees'S Slave. She Was Beautiful And Had A Melodious Voice.
Tharwah - A Rich Girl
Thabsheera - To Hear Good News
Serap - Mirage
Adesina - She Opens The Way
Qurrtul Ain - Cooling Or Delight Of The Eye
Wafa - Faithfulness, Fidelity And Loyalty
Husaina - A Beautiful Woman
Armineh - Desire, Or Goal
Bullah - A Beautiful Glow Of The Youth
Zarqa - A Girl With Bluish Green Eyes
Moldir - Transparent, Clean
Ecrin - Reward, Gift Of God
Abra - Example, Lesson
Aisha - The One Who Is Characterized By Success Or Having Favorable Outcome, In Some Cases It Also Means 'Living'
Rojin - One Who Is Like A Sun, Pretty
Makhabbat - Love Or Affection
Eshaal - Enlivened Or Excited, To Enliven Or Excite.
Aaeedah - The Name Means Something Of Value Given In Return Of Some Thing Good, Reward In Some Cases It Means Return
Otylia - An Individual Who Smells And Looks Like A Rose
Zuhrah - Brightness
Anousheh - Everlasting Or Immortal
Ablah - Perfectly Formed
Ase - Ase Is A Variation Of Asa And Means Doctor.
Aarifa - One Endowed With Great Knowledge.
Ibhar - Open Like The Ocean
Abarr - Being A Devout, God Fearing
Subhiyah - A Woman Of The Morning
Taslin - A Blessing
Rabhya - Worshipped; Celebrated; A Variant Of Rabiya Which Means Spring, Princess And Queen
Awaiza - Consoler
Ezdehar - A Flourishing Young Woman
Ranja - Gaze; Looking; Beautiful To Look At
Sumia - She Is The One Who Is Always There To Listen
Wahibah - Giver, Donor
Nurlan - Light Combined With Soldier Guard
Kabra - Hoary, Heinous, Cardinal; White
Amberlynn - Arabic - A Jewel; A Combination Of Names Amber And Lynn; A Jewel-Quality Fossilize
Khaperai - A Girl As Beautiful And Dainty As A Fairy
Teisha - She Who Lives
Soraiya - He Is A Princess
Zuwena - Good
Mazia - Soft And Supple
Ghumra - Lebanese Term For Saffron Or Yellow Color.
Sultanah - A Woman Who Rules People, A Qeen, A Female Sultan
Tasiyah - One Who Gives Consolation
Fareena - A Kind, Merciful And Charming Young Woman
Siham - Arrows
Nijah - A Beautiful Rose.
Ibtihaj - Joy
Siti - A Woman Of Noble Qualities
Elfesya - A Girl As Beautiful As A Fairy Or Princess, Fairy Or Princess
Tasawar - Take Care
Farahnoush - One Who Is Always Happy, Or One Who Is Always Joyous.
Buhaysah - A Woman Who Narrates Hadith
Batul - Severe Virgin, Strictly Untouched
Illiyeen - High Status, Or Exalted.
Rubi - One Who Is Like A Red Gemstone, Like A Ruby
Guldana - Flower Combined With Wise, Educated And Learned
Ajwan - A Small Gulf
Bisharah - Name Of A Female Narrator Of Hadith.
Doaa - To Pray, A Voice Of Heart ,Source Of Connection With God.
Taqiyyah - She Who Is Devoted To God
Raffia - A Variant Of Rafia And Rafiah Which Means Exquisite; Brilliance; High And Sublime
Rozerin - Where The Sun Rises
Aaliyah - The Name Means To Ascend, High, Lofty, Sublime, Highly Exalted, Tall, Towering, The High, Exalted One
Ayperi - Moon Fairy
Tibah - Woman Full Of Kindness
Tansholpan - The Morning Star
Amoke - Loving Stroke Or To Pet Her
Muhaimin - A Protector
Raheebah - A Woman Who Is Generous And Open Hearted.
Bilqees - The Queen Of Sheba
Aadila - The Female Counterpart Of Aadil, Which Means A Person With Justified Morality
Shabahang - The Morning-Star, Or Nightingale
Yashfa - She Who Intercedes On Behalf Of Someone On Judgment Day.
Hiba - Gift Of God
Tabakee - Musketeer
Jahin - A Woman With A Good Pedigree
Buhayyah - Name Of A Freed Female Slave.
Waleeya - Supporter, Caretaker, Companion.
Rewan - Soul, Adult Or Properly
Afreen - Friendly
Wasifah - One Who Describes.
Zahra - Shining Or Flower
Amena - Arabic - Truthful; Trustworthy; Faithful; Honest Woman; A Variant Spelling Of Name Amina
Taranah - A Harmonic Song
Sura - A Woman Who Travels By Night
Glay - Rosemoon
Intisar - Triumph
Sezen - Feeling
Zahida - She Who Is Restrained, Devoted To God
Hooriyah - Beautiful And Radiant Angel.
Fariha - A Woman Happy And Joyful
Suha - Name Of A Star
Wadida - One Who Is Loving, And Affectionate.
Abqurah - A Woman With A Genius Mind.
Zulemah - Peace; Tranquility; Quiteness; A Variant Name Of Solomon
Khwaga - Sweet, A Girl With Sweet Nature
Tafadzwa - In Shona It Means We Are Pleased
Abyar - To Accept Or Something Accepted
Lilis - Of The Night
Risna - A Wise And Blackhaired, Dark Woman
Aaeesha - The Word Has The Meaning Of She Who Lives" Or "Womanly"
Beetaa - Unique
Zuleikha - A Girl Who Is Lovely And Brilliant
Hareem - The Walls Of The House Of Kaaba.
Soussan - She Is As Beautiful As The Lily Flower
Zikiya - One Who Is Smart And Intelligent.
Mizgin - Evangel Or Good News.
Sangina - The One Who Is Polite With Everyone
Yasmine - Jasmine Flower
Ruhi - One With A Beutiful Soul
Binesh - Clever
Haboos - Name Of A Kind And Benevolent Lady Who Once Lived In Lebanon.
Aaseiyah - One Who Tends And Heals The Weak And Poor
Shaperai - Fairy
Ruhia - A Soulful Woman
Rahmi - One Who Is Merciful And Compassionate.
Aamirah - The One Having Residing In A Divine Place, Close To God
Aaseayah - A Deep Thinker, Having An Appearance Of Deep Thinker
Abidah - Worshipper, Devotee
Laiba - Female Of The Haven; Prettiest Woman In All The Heavens
Irhaa - To Make Calm Or To Make Serene
Riqbah - A Name Of The Prophet'S Wife
Aaseeyah - Full Of Yearning Or Thoughtful
Pariwarsh - A Girl Who Is As Beautiful As A Fairy
Twaf - Circumlocution
Nisveta - Bosnian Term For Woman.
Thurayya - Star
Dženeta - Islamic Paradise
Zaheera - Plant That Has Flowered.
Ajeebah - A Female Narrator Of Hadith.
Shughla - Ray Of Light
Aiman - To Congratulate.
Hunoon - A Compassionate And Loving Woman.
Bahisa - Seeker, Explorer And Learner.
Ulbolsin - May The Next One Be A Boy
Kymbat - Expensive, Precious, Dear
Laila - Laila Means Night
Naza - Beloved Or Sweetheart.
Takiyah - Pious, Righteous
Jabalah - Musafh'S Daughter
Akbota - White Baby-Camel
Majedah - Noble Or Glorious
Su - One Who Has Good Luck
Erum - It Means Heaven.
Berina - Best, Highest
Fayruz - One Who Has The Eyes Of The Turquoise Gemstone
Badiha - Intuition Or Instinct.
Nurbakyt - Light And Happiness
Barjabeen - A Bright Star.
Wordah - Rose
Šemsa - Sun
Khalida - Khalida Means Deathless
Afeen - Forgiveness Or One Of A Forgiving Nature.
Aiganym - Moon Princess
Sunbula - A Corn'S Ear
Zhazira - Island
Hulyah - Jewelry,Ornament,Finery
Eman - This Name Means Faith Or Belief.
Tawfiqa - One Who Has Good Luck
Yaminah - One Who Is Right Handed.
Batima - Kazakh Form Of Fatimah, Meaning To Abstain
Siteare - One Who Is Like A Star From Teh Sky
Nazanin Zahra - Nazanin Means Sweetheart, Lovely, And, Delightful, Zahra Means Flower, Blossom, Or Beauty.
Luban - A Long Necked Person
Sirah - One Who Leads A Traditional Way Of Life
Niđara - She Who Is Loved By All.
Sajaf - Veil Or Cover.
Sumehra - A Beautiful Face
Yaquta - Gold, Ruby, Pearl And Coral. Basically A Term Used For Gem Stones.
Botagoz - Eye Of The Baby Camel
Tuti - An Uncommon Name Of A Girl.
Indeela - Like A Nightingale.
Burzin Kurush - High Rank Or High Status.
Tigran - Shooting Or Fighting With Arrows
Shaheeda - A Martyr For The Islamic Cause
Bazla - Reward; Generous
Suhaimah - A Very Small Arrow
Noman - Domination Or Authority Or Command.
Baharan - Spring Or Springtime.
Ruhina - One Who Smells Like A Perfume
Fawziya - She Is A Successful Woman
Aasma - The One Who Is Regarded With Love And Tenderness
Bashiyra - Joyful News
Shireen - A Gentle, Swwet And Pleasant Little Girl
Atiyyaat - Gifts
Binnaz - A Thousand Blandishments, I.E. Charming
Berezira - One Who Is Full Of Intelligence.
Aalina - Aalina Has A Greek Origin Which Means Light
Amela - Work Or Effort.
Karlygash - The Swallow Bird
Basimah - Smiling
Thara' - The Wealthy One
Imtithal - Polite Obedience
Kaameh - Goal, Wish
Taskeen - She Who Seeks Comfort
Shyrailym - Glamourous
Vahida - Single Or One.
Taqadus - A Faith Or Divinity
Basinah - Kitty, Kitten
Tayyibatunnisa - Person With Good Nature
Shafira - A Nice And Well Behaved Woman.
Suhaira - One Who Is Awake At Night Like The Moon
Tamadur - A Woman Of Brilliance
Seherunnisa - The Woman Of Dawn.
Feroze - A Woman Who Will Win And Have Much Success
Mannal - Attainment, Or Achievement
Sholpan - Venus , The Planet
Gazala - The One Who Is Intellectual And Fascinating.
Aferin - Aferin Is A Variant Of Afrin And Means Lucky Or Trustworthy.
Tansu - Water Of The Dawn
Arisha - Arabic Word Which Means Peaceful
Daania - Beautiful Person
Thasni - A River
Qudrah - Power, Ability, Capacity Of A Woman.
Faria - A Very Kind And Loving Woman
Sultaana - She Who Is A Ruler, A Queen Of Men
Ilma - Knowledge And Intelligence.
Maarib - End Goals
Husnara - A Grooming Beauty Of Woman
Arram - High Or High Place
Šeherzada - Free City
Here - Anglo-Saxon Word Meaning Army
Zufash - When The Light Spreads Over The World.
Abiya - A Great Or A Splendid Person
Abannah - Being Tall, Having Strength
Afri - Name Of A Character In Shahnameh, Siamak'S Daughter-In-Law
Aasiya - Goodness Or The One Who Is Very Hopeful
Tabaan - Refulgent, Splendid, Or Glittering.
Viyan - Intention Or Wish
Buthainah - A Woman With Tender And Beautiful Body
Izeta - Power, Influence
Talihah - Scholar, One Who Is Rich In Knowledge And Continues To Seek It
Noora - The Name Of A Famous Poet.
Refika - Friend Or Companion.
Shinogai - One With Green Eyes
Taslimah - Salutation, Peace
Simbiat - A Woman Of Bravery
Alal - Kurdish Word For Red Rose
Huriyyah - She Is An Angel
Feetin - A Very Clever And Smart Girl
Tamisra - She Who Is Full Of Darkness
Betool - Ascetic Virgin; Maiden
Farj - The First Light Of The Daybreak
Suhaylah - One Who Is Smooth And Soft And Flowing Like A River
Bahiya - Beautiful, Radiant; Dazzling; Brilliant; A Variant Of Bahira
Inaya - Concern, Care
Tawana - A Capable Woman
Raunaa - One Who Gazes At People Beutifully
Shikeela - Well-Shaped Woman
Fatoumata - A Woman Who Abstains
Aabida - This Can Be The Female Case Of Name Aabid, It Means Worshiper, Devotee, Adorer
Bahiriya - Brilliant, Prominent, And Renowned
Kamshat - Beaver
Roobi - A Woman Who Is Like A Ruby And A Pearl
Busyna - A Worshiper And Ascetic Of Basrah
Raima - Pleasing; Queen; Charming
Bashair - Good Omens
Zel - Private Or Special.
Zarmina - A Old Pashto Name Meaning Lovely And Precious Gold
Suraya - A Woman Precious As A Jewel
Shehrnaz - A Beautiful And Cute Woman.
Bahnaz - The Most Lovable.
Souhila - A Woman Who Is Soft To The Touch
Farkhanda - One Who Is Blessed Whith Happiness
Gulayna - A Combination Of Flower And Mirror
Zartasha - One Who Is Made Up Of Golden Stars.
Faheena - A Keen And Smart One
Jaimin - Strifes To Triumph; Victory; One Who Succeeds
Kalamkas - Black Eyebrows Or Thin Eyebrows
Ayesha - A Sensitive Human Being
Tehzeeb - An Educated Woma
Fatin Or Fatinah - A Woman Who Is Captivatin
Shenaz - A Bride To Be
Kaiah - The Name Kaiah In Native American Means Little But Wise And In Greek Means Pure
Dhia - Splendor Or Glow.
Ameena - Arabic - Truthful; Trustworthy; Faithful; Honest Woman; A Variant Spelling Of Name Amina
Rabihah - Winner, Achiever.
Zaria - Rose
Shareefah - She Who Is Noble And Gentle.
Rukhaylah - A Name For Both Boys And Girls
Faakhira - An Excellent Woman
Hifza - Protective Angel
Bizziza - Victory
Freshta - A Variant Of 'Farsishta', It Means An Angel
Buhayyah - Name Of A Freed Female Slave.
Khaista - Pashto Version Of Shaista, Meaning Beautiful
Atiyyatullah - The Gift From Allah.
A'Idah - Something Of Value Given In Return Of Some Thing Good, Reward In Some Cases It Means Return
Shamura - Diamond
Kaamisha - A Happy Soul.
Shaquarria - A Woman Of Many Gifts And Talents
Togzhan - One With A Pure Soul
Samawat - Skies Or Heavens
Radia - Satisfied; Content; Fulfillement; Happy And Pleased
Fareeha - A Joyful And Cheerful Girl
Bathsira - Arabic Name For Girls
Shakoora - A Very Deeply Thankful Individual
Tahajeeb - Way Of Life Of A Group Of People
Buthayna - A Gorgeous And Tender Body F A Woman
Storai - Star
Sabrina - Latin Name For The Riverâ Severn
Khatijah - A Name Generally Given To Premature Child.
Sadoof - Name Of A Poetess.
Azbah - A Variant Of Azeebah, Meaning Fresh And Sweet.
Asali - Made Of Honey
Aayah - Generally It Means Evidence Or Signs. In The Islam'S Principal Scripture, This Name Is Used To Mean Verse.
Seyda - A Woman Who Is Crazy In Love.
Pakeezah - One Who Is Pure And Fond Of Music
Abasah - Name Of Al-Mahdi'S Daughter.
Gulaiym - Flower Lady
Jumaymah - Name Of A Female Companion.
Asalah - Purity; Nobility Of Descent
Jadwa - She Was A Gif, A Present
Inaaya - Gift From God Or One To Behold
Fari'Ah - A Woman With Good Nature
Ateefah - One Who Is Affectionate And Compassionate.
Touca - Out Of A Birds Name Toucan
Tamashi - A Woman Who Has A Gloomy Personality
Bolour - A Woman Who Is Like A Crystal
Bismal - Fragrance
Shadiya - To Sing Beautifuly
Hamnah - A Female Narrator Of Hadith.
Bazegha - Bright, Brilliant, Vivid
Feeza - A Sliver Woman
Imen - Faith Or Belief
Gul Bano - Gul Bano Is The Name Of The Princess Of Flowers.
Shaliqa - One Who Acts Like A True Sister
Fahada - A Woman Who Is Like A Panter
Tahkeem - Power To Govern Or To Rule
Farkhande - A Blessed And Happy Woman
Tannaz - She Who Likes To Flirt
Sobia - A Well-Dressed Woman.
Samal - Breeze
Aaseyah - One Who Be Apt To Weak And The One Who Makes Good Console & Comfort
Naaz - The Person Is Having Self Respect, A Charming Person
Baraa'A - Excel In Any Field
Silma - A Woman Of Peace
Nyasia - Latin Version Of The Word Modest That Means A Decency.
Aasira - Brave, Strong And Powerful Fighter Who Can Conquer & Imprison Enemies
Aasia - Person Is Very Hopeful And The Name Refers To Largest Continent Of The Earth
Fuseelah - A Female Narrator Of Hadith.
Adla - Arabic - Justice; Honest; Hebrew - My Ornament
Afshaneh - Sprinkling Or Scattering
Sumlina - A Woman Who Is Frail And Very Delicate
Diqrah - A Female Narrator Of Hadith.
Takiyyah - Derived From The Arabic Word Tarub Means Fear Of God
Sughraa - A Small Woman
Bari'Ah - Excelling
Angavu - Shining One
Tabasumm - Sweet Smile
Arwaa - Softness, Lightness
Zarmisha - A Golden Flower.
Keje - A Girl Of Radiant Beauty
Kaiala - Kaiala Name Means Pure And Torture
Uzuri - Beauty
Takkia - Person Who Is A Worshipper Of God
Sufia - One Who Follows Sufism. Also A Celan Hearted Person
Afeerah - Something Covered With Soil Or Dust.
Tabinda - Bright And Shining
Faseehah - Eloquent
Tahiyah - Polite Word, Sign Of Welcoming Someone
Maeen - Spring Of Water
Zuhriyyah - Arabic Word For Flower Vase.
Bida - Incomparable Women
Tibbi - She Who Is Pladged To God
Musaddiqah - One Who Affirms The Truth
Shandana - Marvelous
Jazaa - Recompense, Reward For Good Deeds.
Asiya - Pensive, Wistful And Melancholic; Name Of The Pious Wife Of The Pharaoh
Fadheela - A Woman Who Always Wins
Startina - A Gorgeous And Lovely Lady
Rushda - A Woman Of Good Guidance
Taieb - A Pleasant, Sweet Smell. A Perfume
Azzaa - Female Gazelle
Sidiqa - She Is A Woman With A Friendly Personality
Shahzeen - A Good Kind Of Adoration
Ruqaya - She Is A Daughter Of The Prophet
Faatina - She Cativates The Eye
Bareea - Innocent; Blameless; Guiltless; Sound; Feminine Of Bari
Samaneh - Arabic Name Of The Bird Quail.
Ghadah - Beautiful
Thaiera - A Generous, Poised And Adventerous Being
Sumaiya - Proper Name
Tawakel - A Trusted Woman
Burakhdat - A Woman Who Is Flashy
Awamira - Long Lived
Bunanah - Name Of Yazid Al-Abshamiyah'S Daughter.
Awaisha - One Who Is Having A Good Life.
Rdita - She Who Is Beautiful By Her Deeds
Fiddah - A Silvery Woman
Mubdia - One Who Is Smart, Creative And Innovative.
Yalqoot - A Charitable Woman.
Fatan - One Who Is Charming
Fawha - One Who Is Like A Breath Of Parfume
Ayesha - A Sensitive Human Being
Shadleen - Happy And Soft Hearted Women.
Rafqa - Wide
Aaseemah - The Person Having The Spirit To Protect And Guide Others
Fariyal - A Woman Who Is Like An Angel
Sirin - A Prophet'S Comanion'S Wife
Qameer - Wife Of Masrooq Bin Al-Ajda Daughter Of Amr Al-Kufiyah; She Was A Narrator Of Hadith Who Quoted Sayyidina Ayshah
Ajaar - Reward
Suri - A Girl Who Is Like A Red Rose
Sara - Princess
Nuralain - Brightness, Light, Radiance Or Bringer Of Happiness
Rukayat - One Who The Allah Loves
Subhana - She Who Is Glorious And Famous
Takiyya - Quality Of Being Religious Or Reverent
Fathma - The Shining Woman
Pariwish - Fairy Faced, Or Angelic Beauty.
Lashyn - Peregrine Falcon
Walidah - Newborn
Elnara - People, Country, Nation
Summiya - She Is A Woman Of Proper Name
Aasfa - The Protector Or The Sole Guardian
Nehir - River
Zarifa - The One Who Is Destined To Be Successful.
Niazmina - A Girl Who Dear One Or Apple Of The Eye
Revin - Escape Or Flight
Benazir - Unequalled, Matchless, Unique
Taadeel - State Of Being Equal
Awdiya - Valleys
Subah - She Who Is Known And Appreaced For Her Beauty
Engy - A Beautiful Queen.
Iqala - A Woman Who Is Humble And Modest.
Ifeta - Innocent, Virtuous
Balbala - Pashto Term For Bulbul Or Nightingale
Shanzey - Diamond
Ateebah - Something That Is Soft, Gentle And Delicate.
Tayebba - A Good, Pleasant Person
Nestani - A Form Of Nestan, Meaning Unique
Shahnaaz - One Who Is Born To Be A Bride
Royalty - Word Name
Uhuru - Freedom
Amilah - One Who Keeps Her Hope Alive At Every Situation, Hopeful.
Bushra - One Who Bring The Happy News
Feiyaz - One Who Reached Success
Behrokh - Best Face
Ilhana - Melody, Inspiration Or Composition
Somritdhi - One Of Great Prosperity
Fawziyya - A Woman Of Great Success
Bukhdan - Something That'S Sleek, Smooth And Tender.
Naghma - A Melody Or Musical Note.
Ramelle - Arabic - Son; A Variant Of Ramel
Snober - A Name Of A Pine Tree
Wisama - Beauty, Attractiveness.
Bulbul - A Woman Who Is Like A Nightingale
Behnaz - Best Coquetry
Suhailah - Smooth, Soft, Fluent, Flowing
Reihaneh - Basil
Zarifah - A Graceful Woman.
Tarifa - She Who Is Rare Or Unique
Farzaana - A Brainy And Intelligent Man
Badrai - Badrai Is The Name Of A Fairy In A Famous Arabic Fairy Tale. It Means Full Moon.
Subhah - A Woman Who Is Bright Like The Morning
Lublubah - Affectionate And Delicate Person
Farashah - A Girl Who Is Like A Butterfly
Awaidia - A Consoler
Badeea - She Who Is Smart, Creative And Innovative.
Euphrates - The Great River
Shadaf - She Is Like A Seashell
Tenaja - Strong Willed Woman
Sunbul - A Very Delicate Frail Woman
Badrah - To Be Early Or To Be Ahead Of Others.
Beyza - Turkish Name Meaning "White" Or "Pure"
Sumiya - A Woman Of Beauty
Waseme - Kenyan Term Meaning Let Them Talk.
Sumayya - A Unique And Special Girl
Tabana - Bright Moonlight
Mustika - A Talisman Or A Magical Stone.
Foziah - One Who Is Victorious And Successful.
Shapirta - Beautiful
Tabasim - Put Up A Smile In The Face
Ashaki - One Who Is Beautiful
Kamilah - Kamilah Means Flawlessness, Perfection
Thara - Wealth
Tassadaq - She Who Makes The Sacrifice
Fatimi - Captivating Woman
Tamazur - She Who Is A Brilliant Whiteness
Bujaybah - A Narrator And The Ne Who Transmitted
Adila - Arabic - Equal; Just; Upright; Honest; A Variant Of Name Adil
Tuhfah - Natural Abilities Or Qualities.
Subarnalata - A Golden Vine
Roshaney - People Who Are Celebrated Among Other Men
Dželila - One Who Is Respected And Famous.
Bita - Unique
Fausat - She Who Achieves Triumph
Rufaydah - One Who Supports Allah
Taiat - Came Back To Life
Aasieyah - This Name Gives You Capability Of Organising, Planning & Carrying Work For Great Success
Shurooq - A Woman Who Is Like A Sun-Rise, One Who Rises
Tubaa - Unpolluted Or Cleanness.
Ruhaimah - A Compassionate And Merciful Woman.
Sumbul - Frail, Or Delicate
Faraza - To Reach Big Hights And Success
Abana - This Biblical Name Means Strong Personality Made With A Stone
Ateera - Fragrant, Or Like Perfume.
Wafiqah - Successful; Triumphant; Victorious; A Variant Spelling Is Wafeeqah
Laiha - Laiha Means Glittering
Roohee - A Very Spiritual Woman
Jalynne - Modern American Name
Abashsh - Someone Friendly, Talkative
Fiza - Breeze; Wind
Berin - Blond, Fair; Quick And Active Individual
Aidana - Wise Moon
Faatinah - A Woman Who Is Facsinating People
Shaherzad - City-Born, Or Daughter Of City.
Tehreem - A Sacred One
Ghitbah - A Female Narrator Of Hadith.
Rumailah - An Ancient Arabic Name
Swabira - A Truthful Woman Who Does Right By Others
Taletha - A Maiden, Young Girl
Kashm - A Historical And Mythical Persian Princess
Shamima - A Nice Scent
Imtihal - A Polite And Obedient Girl.
Irem - Gardens In Heaven
Soha - She Is Like A Star
Buhaisah - One Who Walks Around With Pride
Nejra - Sparkle Or Shine
Qarsafah - Name Of A Narrator Of Hadith, Known As Qarsafah Al-Zahliyah.
Zayda - Fortunate, Prosperous; Huntress; Lucky One; To Increase; A Variant Spelling Of Zaida
Baraa - A Excelling
Ruqsar - A Brilliant Young Woman
Sadeta - Felicity, Fortune, Joy
Sareena - Princess, Beautiful As A Princess.
Amaal - Hopes And Expectations.
Batina - Inner, Internal, Inside
Sumaiyah - A Prophet'S Companion
Aaraa - The Act Of Adoring Or Embellishing
Thana - Thankfulness
Kashyapi - Kashyapi Name Means Earth
Aala - This Means Having A Quality Of Being Generous, Bounties, Ample Or Plentiful
Qabita - Name Of An Ancient Egyptian Woman.
Burcu - A Sweet Smelling Woman
Shahlyla - Princess Or Queen Of The Night.
Hazeema - One Who Is Wise And Intelligent.
Baghisha - Light Rain Affecting A Small Area.
Zumar - Groups, Throngs Of People
Arifa - Knowledgeable; Learned; Well Educated; Arafa And Areefa Are Variant Form Of Arifa
Aroos - One Who Is Extraordinarily Beautiful
Raqeema - One Who Is Intelligent And Perceptive
Atubah - One Who Is Soft, Gentle And Delicate.
Beena - A Musical Instrument; A Far Sighted Human Being
Afsheen - Glittering As A Star In The Sky.
Shamilah - A Complete Woman
Yaeeta - She Who Is Beautiful.
Zohal - Zohal Is The Name Of The Moon Of Another Planet
Basm - Grin, Smile,
Emagine - It Means Image Of Her Mother Or Innocent Or Blameless.
Atifa - Empathy; Affectionate; Sympathetic; Compassionate
Shagufta - Affection, Or Fresh.
Mahia - Life And Earth
Rumaylah - An Ancien Female Arabic Name
Shellah - A Truly Kind Person
Shahparee - Royal Fairy And King'S Fairy. Or One Who Is Extremely Beautiful.
Shahzaadee - A Girl Who Is A Princess
Buhjah - A Joyful And Delighted Person
Ruqayah - Prophet Muhammed'S Daughter
Suhaila - Gentle, Easy The Name Of A Star
Fayona - A Pretty Woman, A Beauty
Dževada - She Who Is Generous Or Exceptional.
Emmarie - A Faithful Or Truthful Person.
Tayyiba - Good-Natured Girl
Inaya - Concern, Care
Tuhi - A Noise Or Sound Which A Bird Can Make.
Surraya - She Who Is Like The Sun, Like The Brightest Star
Farzeen - A Queen Who Rules
Injila - Shining, Brilliant, Glittering And Glistening
Zahrah - Flower
Lalma - A Piece Of Land That Defends Only On Rain
Aliyah - Heavens, Highborn Or Exalted
Baqiyyah - One Who Is Everlasting
Tanaz - Delicate Body
Taleisha - Blooming Life
Shamiria - She Is A Guardian On Men
Basirah - Vision; Sight, Visualization
Jahan-Ara - She Is The Queen Of The Unoverse
Fatim - A Mother Who Brest Feeds
Etti - Myrtle Or Bride Or Star.
Fathiyah - A Joy Of The New Begining
Baria - Efficient
Yezda - A Divine Creature
Awja - Pinnacle, Top, Or The Highest Point.
Firouzeh - Turquoise Stone Or Color.
Saleshni - Correct, Agreeable
Afifa - Arabic - Chaste; Modest; Righteous; A Variant Spelling Is Afeefa; Virtuous; Pious; God Fearing; Devoted To God
Ghalibah - A Woman Of Dominating Nature.
Šefika - A Variant Of Shafeeka, Meaning Merciful And Forgiving.
Femida - The One Wise Woman
Shahrzadah - She Is The City'S Child
Dariga - Pity, Regret Or Surprise
Shaleeqa - One Who Is A Real, True Sister
Abbagayle - Being Dad'S Favourite Daughter
Ferazia - High, Lofty, Elevated Or Tall.
Farrah - A Hapy Feeling
Izz - This Name Symbolizes Honor, Glory And Power.
Feray - The Moon'S Radiance
Senzala - Senzala Is A Type Of Flower Found In Central Asia
Nazia - An Energetic Person
Wagma - Breeze Accompanied With A Pleasant Smell
Mehar - One Who Is Kind And Graceful
Kuntum - Flower Bud
Bahaar - Beautiful Spring Seaon; Peaceful
Aaishaa - The Name Means The One Who Is Alive Or Living His Life To The Fullest
Tayyebeh - A Good Deed
Tasneema - A Fountain Of Paradise
Talitha - A Maiden, Young Girl
Sulema - Peace
Faryal - An Angel-Like Woman
Delkash - Attraction, Charm And Fascination.
Daarina - Lovely And Beautiful
Jam - A Sweet Condiment
Hajna - Name Of Nusayb'S Daughter. She Was A Poetess.
Tamna - One Who Is Wished For
Izdihar - Flourishing, Blooming
Nihada - Character, Temper
Zakia - A Woman Of Great Intelligence
Turkessa - The One Who Comes From Turkey.
Senadina - Glow Of Faith
Rufqa - Something That Gives Benefit.
Ateef - One Who Is Affectionate And Compassionate.
Ayyubia - A Woman Who Is Like Prophet Ayyub In Patience.
Emarie - This Name Means Someone Who Is Faithful.
Jaibrian - Jaibrian Means Blue Bird, Strength And Noble
Sonika - The Golden One
Udaysah - Udaysah Was The Name Of The Narrator Of Hadith And Also Ahban Al-Ghifariyah'S Daughter.
Grahin - Grahi Means The Accepting Girl. A Girl Whose Everything Is Accepted By The World.
Busayna - A Gorgeous Little Lady
Wathiqa - Certain, Sure, Confident
Syed - Fortunate
Aasmaa - Excellent; Precious
Tasnim - From The Fountain Of Paradise
Thuwaybah - Name Of One Of The Prophets
Dujanah - Rain
Tabbasum - Smile Happiness
Zehra - Bright, Luminous
Afsa - The Name Of Prophet Mohammed'S Wife.
Farkhondeh - One Who Is Happy, And Joyous.
Taqia - She Who Is Righteous
Noushineh - A Musical Tone Of Old Persian Music.
Siha - A Valiant, Lion-Hearted Man
Nilofer - Lilly Flowers That Flourishing In The Water Places.
Bikhtir - One Who Has A Graceful Gait
Najma - A Beautiful Star In The Sky
Wasfia - Worthy Of Praise
Ayaneh - Like A Long Night.
Parniyan - Soft Silk, A Dress Made Of Soft Silk.
Symbat - Slenderness
Esmeray - A Dark Moon.
Sorborno - A Beautiful And Happy Individual
Shafika - A Kind Hearted Woman
Zuly - Healthy Or Vigorous
Sanabel - Plant Ears, Plant Spikes, Ears Of Wheat.
Aleyna - Awakening
Sumbal - A Delicate And Frail Woman
Aadab - Name Aadab Has A Meaning Of Hope And Need. The Person Who Brings Hope To The Family
Zaneerah - An Intelligent And Wise Woman.
Zaniyah - Variation Of Zaniah It Means Corner
Tarannum - A Composition
Khatuna - Lady Or Woman
Daumaa - Sea Or Ocean.
Cailie - Slim And Darling Beloved Woman
Somprikti - A Bengali Name Meaning Saturation
Taiba - Woman Who Loves To Repent To Allah For All The Sins
Wajihah - Eminent; Distinguished; Famous; Respected; Renowned
Names - Meaning
Zeinab - A Variant Of Zainab, Meaning Beautiful.
Tariqah - One Who Is Always Victorious
Nargis - The Eye-Shaped Flower
Hudun - A Woman Who Is Quiet
Fatunah - A Smart Woman
Tale - The Color Of Green
Sehrish - A Woman With A Fascinating And Enchanting Personality.
Tamarind - An Indian Date
Rupsa - A River In Bangladesh. Also A Woman Of Impeccable Beauty
Veeda - Found, Or Evident
Aaila - The Word Aaila Means Beautiful, Attractive And Possessing Charm Just Like A Moon
Taheria - Showing High Moral Standard
Souad - She Who Is Very Glad
Herchembaut - A Woman Warrior In The Army
Rond - A Tree Of A Sweet Scent
Siara - A Woman Who Is Pure And Holy
Tufaylah - The Name Of The Unbound Slave Of Al-Waleed Bin Abdulla.
Mashael - Sources Of Light, Light Or Radiance.
Karo - A Bird, Pashto Term For Mayna Bird
Fazilatunnisa - A Woman'S Excellence
Sharica - A Woman Who Is Held Dearly
Amayah - A Woman Who Is Close To God
Zaina - A Girl Who Is Exceptionally Beautiful.
Jinani - Heavenly, Or From Paradise.
Durkhanai - Gem. It'S Also The Name Of The Heroine Of Famous Folk Tale, Adam Khan Aw Durkhanai
Basira - Wise. Intelligent, Intellectual
Medya - Land Of Medes
Farhin - A Glad And Happy Woman
Shaima - One Who Is Good Natured.
Mineta - One Who Is Merciful And Generous.
Salihat - Good Deeds
Brula - Pearl
Simta - A Box To Save Money.
Ketifa - Flowering; Blooming
Nedžara - Dear Or Beloved.
Adiva - Pleasant, Gentle
Aibala - Moon Child
Baraaa - Excelling
Tumadur - Resembles As Right Name Or Correct Name.
Sulafa - A Name That Means Wine Choicest
Durdanah - Gold, Ruby Or Pearl.
Permaz - Waiting, Wait.
Tahiyyah - Gesture As A Greeting Or Acknowledgement To Someone'S Arrival Or Departure
Silai - Pashto Word For Wind
Shadhaa - Of Good Smell, Aromatic
I'Timad - Reliance Or Dependence.
Aasfa - The Protector Or The Sole Guardian
Buhthah - A Person Who Is Delighteted To See Others
Arfaana - Wise, Wisdom And Decisiveness. A Wise And Intelligent Woman.
Aatoon - An Educator, Teachers
Nazra - Glow And Happiness Of A Person'S Face.
Hamidah - Praising Allah, Praiseworthy, Appreciative
Shuruq - A Woman Who Rises Shining, Like The Morning Sun
Altynay - Golden Moon
Labeeba - Labeeba Means She Is Wise And Sensible
Gul-E-Rana - A Sweet Smelling Rose.
Aakifah - The Name Aakifah Means Means "One Who Stays At The Mosque To Worship Allah", "One Who Stays Away From People To Dedicate Himself To Allah"
Thurayyaa - A Shining Star
Raahi - Traveller; Good Companion; Spring
Suhaana - A Charming Woman With Pleasant Nature
Taza - The Fresh And The New
Taskin - One Who Gives Peace Or Satisfaction
Zarnish - Flower
Haniya - Pleased, Happy
Bazala - Generous Woman
Buhairah - She Who Is The Sea, The Ocen And The River
Ayakoz - One With Beautiful Eyes
Sevinc - Joy, Delight
Aaseemah - The Person Having The Spirit To Protect And Guide Others
Shamsuddinkhan - She Is The Sun Of The Religion
Sunya - She Is The Brightness Of The Sunshine
Sevgili - Darling
Beheshta - Paradise
Tazeen - Decoration, Adornment Or Makeup
Temirah - She Who Is Tall As A Palm Tree
Farjana - An Intelligent And Wise Person
Noushafrin - The Creator Of Joy
Rubay - A Daughter Of The Muaw
Marbita - Plentiful
Faatin - A Woman Who Captivates Your Attention
Khkulay - A Girl Who Is Extremely Beautiful
Fatat - Youth Girl Or Early Maturity.
Imama - Leadership Or Command. One With Leadership Qualities.
Shabab - A Youthful Girl
Begu - A Lady
Abiha - Her Father, Or Father Of Her
Zarbaha - Gold
Simra - One Who Is Called
Khush Bakht - Prosperity, Fortunate, Or Good Luck.
Bidda - A Woman Who Can'T Be Compared To Any Other Woman, An Unique And Special One
Bassima - A Smile, Blissful, Pleasurable
Awira - An Interesting Personality
Nazo - Someone Who Is Whimsy And Beautiful. It'S The Name Of A Famous Pashtun Female Poet Of 18Th Century.
Jameela - A Good Looking Woman
Heba - The Gift Of God; Generous Gift
Taalah - Young Plam Tree; Searching For Someone
Fariishta - One Who Is Well-Mannered And Kind
Hapsah - Gathering
Sikina - One Who Is Devoted And Sincerely Believes In Something
Amreen - The Vast Sky
Aaima - Aaima Means The One Who Is Supreme Leader Or The One Who Leads Or Conducts
Sabiqah - A Sindhi Term For Past.
Tameemiya - A Perfect Woman
Jasrah - A Female Narrator Of Hadith.
Yusra - One Blessed With A Good Fortune.
Raushangul - Glowing Flower
Aaminah - Safe And Secure
Qurratulayn - A Sweetheart, Delight
Suhaymah - Small Arrow
Botagoz - Eye Of The Baby Camel
Aafiyah - The Word Means Healthy, Or It Signifies The Person Who Has A State Of Well Being
Nigarish - One Who'S Always On The Mind, Vision, Or Fantasy.
Bahijah - One Who Has Taken Birth To Serve God
Bahayah - Beauty And Radiance.
Faroshan - An Arabic Female Name
Taasees - Beginning Of Something New, A Foundation
Bareerah - Excellent
Zeeana - Beautification, Adornment.
Uzma - Grand; Greatest; Supreme; Ultimate
Tasmeekh - Living In Fragrance
Rihana - A Sweet Smell Of Basil
Suwaybah - A Name Of One Of The Prophet Pbuh'S Wet-Nurses
Jahanaara - She Is The World
Suraa - A Woman Of Greath Power And Strenght
Khush Bakhta - A Girl With A Happy Luck
Bibsbebe - Lady, Female
Jamilla - She Who Posesses Great Beauty
Harum - A Woman Who Smells Good.
Siaraa - A Girl Who Is Pure
Aasma - The One Who Is Regarded With Love And Tenderness
Zargul - Shining, Brilliant Or A Golden Flower.
Yosifa - Feminine Form Of Joseph, Meaning God Will Increase.
Bariat - Beautiful And Witty Woman
Darsameen - Valuable, Expensive, And Costly.
Kunsulu - Beauty Or Beautiful
Alishba - Pretty, Attractive, Beautiful, Cute
Ahin - Kurdish Word For Whole
Basafa - Pure
Sharjeela - A Spark
Seyyal - Traveler
Mubera - She Who Is Innocent And Respected.
Busaina - A Little Pretty And Delightful One
Gulbatira - Flower At The Mountain Summit
Zahara - To Shine, To Bloom
Nermana - Hero
Zamda - Name Of A Plant That Grows In Quick Sand
Sukainah - A Woman Whose Peaceful Mind Is Inspired By Allah
Sidratul - Cedar Of The Farthest Point.
Marami - Sympathetic; Aspiration; A Variant Of The Name Maram
Busayrah - Someone'S Female Companion
Yushfa - Youthful.
Yumna - Lucky And Fortunate Child.
Shaiba - A Name Is A Variety Of Artemisia, A Goddess Of The Moon And Hunting
Husn - A Beauty, Grace
Fareeda - An Unparalleled And Unique Woman
Sundas - She Has The Dress Of Heaven
Zahab - Gold
Bashita - Freedom
Khannah - A Merciful Woman.
Aliah - Ascend, Rise, Climb
Zaleekhah - A Variant Of Zulaikha, Meaning Brilliant Beauty.
Bisma - Bisma Is Unknown
Yaseera - One Who Is Blessed And Living Well.
Caspara - She Who Is The Keeper Of Treasure
Yameena - One Who Is Prospering.
Gauhar - A Pearl
Vardo - Rose
Shu'A - She Is Like The Rays Of The Sun Light
Buthaynah - A Lady With Tender And Pretty Body
Sulata - A Creeper Plant, A Vine
Faseaha - One Who Is Literary
Aiza - Respected, Having High Place In The Society
Tekeyia - One Who Worships God
Ševala - Shawwal - The Tenth Month In The Islamic Lunar Calendar.
Aaseayah - A Deep Thinker, Having An Appearance Of Deep Thinker
Aainah (आईना) - Mirror
Farqad - A Two Bright Stars Of Ursa Min
Besima - One Who Is Always Smiling, And Happy
Farzanah - Intelligent, Smart And Wise Woman
Ashofta - One Who Is Excited, Anxious And Confused In Love.
Batrisyia - Intelligent, Clever, Intelactual
Fatemah - A Chaste Woman
Cala - A Woman Who Is Like A Castle
Aamina - This Was The Name Of Mother Of Prophet Muhammad
Takeya - God-Fearing, Have A Fear In God
Faham - A Deeply Perceptive And Astute Woman
Kasie - Kasie Name Means Alert
Ndari - Full Moon
Ebrah - Wisdom To Learn From Experience.
Farhaana - A Cheerful And Glad Person
Basilah - Brave; Fearless
Balganym - A Lady As Sweet As Honey
Azrah - Support, Help Or Protection.
Hajira - The Wife Of Prophet Ibrahim. Name Of Prophet Ismaeel'S Mother.
Ameena - Arabic - Truthful; Trustworthy; Faithful; Honest Woman; A Variant Spelling Of Name Amina
Barja - With Beautiful Eyes
Yasmina - Jasmine Flower
Zakiyyah - Pure
Noor - The Greatest Star Ever In The Universe (Sun)
Gulzar - Garden Or Land Full With Flowers
Thwayya - She Who Is Like A Star
Fikreta - Thought
Aatiya - Giver.
Kenza - Treasure
Zamaair - Hearts, Or Consciences.
Tayyaba - A Pleasant Woman
Baysan - To Walk With Pride
Nahrin - River
Kahnay - A Spontaneous And Dedicated Being
Fazi - One Who Blooms
Shawq - A Woman Who Longs For Things And People
Jendayi - Thankful; To Give Thanks;
Sumra - She Who Is Like A Summer Fruit
Fayza - A Victorious Female
Tuba - Perfect And Holiness.
Rabiya - One That Is Constant And Stable
Lawahiz - A Person Who Glanses Shyly At Others
Shahernaz - The Town'S Loved One, Or Favorite One.
Damira - Heart, Mind Or Secret
Fauzia - She Who Is Successful And Victorious
Takseen - One Who Provides Peace
Shahen - Falcon
Tazima - One Who Is Glorified
Fakihah - A Sindhi Fruit.
Zuhr - The First Three Nights Of The Lunar Month, Light Or Brilliance.
Calianna - A Princess. A Splendid Place In Spain Was Built For Her
Izzati - Respect, Honor, Prestige.
Riffat - One Who Has High Status In Society, A Holder Of Superior Rank
Dilnaz - Kudish Variant Of Delnaz. It Means Beloved Or Sweetheart.
Ashya - Pious; A Variant Of The Name Ashiya; Life And Alive; A Variant Of Name Asheya
Badriya - One Who Is Like The Full Moon
Aalimah - A Woman Of High Stature And Authority. A Female Scholar.
Basus - She-Camel`
Thuhayba - A Wealthy Star; One Who Is Thankful
Parizad - One Who Is Born Out Of A Fairy
Wardda - Rose Flower.
Fazila - A Superb, Generous And Noble Woman
Mahzala - Brightness Of Moon.
Bita - Unique
Fareess - A Life, A Forse Of Life
Elzina - This Name Means Woman Or God Is My Oath.
Zeynep - Precious Rock, Precious Gem, A Father'S Precious Gem
Fawziyyah - She Is One Of Great Success
Bashasha - Cheerfulness
Aatun - The Guardian, One Who Teaches
Bashira - Joyful; Predictor Of Good News
Sumaira - A Woman Who Is Brownish
Sibba - The Name Of Queen Of Sheba
Somapika - One Who Terminates Things
Banah - Tall, Slender And Attractive
Farzin - A Woman Queen
Suhayr - Proper Name
Pelin - Little Leaf
Afhak - Dew
Rayya - No Longer Thirsty; Sated With Drink
Abeera - A Great Mixture Of Rose Petals As Well As Sandal Saffron In Fragrance
Barirah - Religious, Spiritual, Holy
Farvardin - One Who Protects The Good And The Pure
Azayiz - One Who Is Mighty, Powerful And Respectable.
A'Dab - The Person Who Brings Hope To The Family
Akhter - A Woman Beutiful Like A Star
Arubiyyah - One Who Is Fluent, Eloquent.
Rozhin - The Beginning Of The Day
Siddiqa - She Is A Righteous Friend
Spezala - A Woman Who Is Incredibly Talented
Šaha - Šaha Means Witness In Arabic And Hawk In Persian Language.
Aqsa - The Name Of A Mosque
Taqiyya - A Pious, God-Fearing Woman
Aalya - The One Who Is Very Smooth Soft And Serene
Ghaaliya - Fragrant
Shaqiqa - To Be A Sister
Baileet - One Of The Assyrian Goddess.
Ramsha - A Bouquet Of Flowers
Aasieyah - This Name Gives You Capability Of Organising, Planning & Carrying Work For Great Success
Banafshah - A Flower (Violet)
Miray - Glowing Like A Moon
Soraya - She Is Precious As A Jewel
Zainab - Fragrant Blooming Plant; Beauty; It Was Name Of A Daughter, A Granddaughter, And Two Wives Of The Prophet Muhammad
Abdah - Being Worshipper Of Allah
Zoona - A Sensible, Wise And Intelligent Woman.
Shabanna - Belonging To Night.
Solin - A Beautiful Flower Garden Or Parterre.
Taruh - A Happy Girl
Sumeyye - She Who Is High Above Others
Sultana - The Exalted Empress
Segulah - Treasure
Bariqa - Lightning, Shining Or Fast.
Akerke - A Spoiled And Mischievous Child
Siyana - One Who Provides Protection
Shameela - Someone'S Natural Disposition
Dafiyah - A Female Narrator Of Hadith.
Bashiga - Joyful And Happy Human Being
Banan - Finger Tips
Shabeenah - A Nocturnal Person, Who Loves The Night
Sumayyah - Proper Name
Tahirih - Morally Good Or Excellent
Abroud - A Fair And Beautiful Girl.
Shanifa - One Who Is Loyal, Faithful And True To Herself And Others.
Inaaya - Gift From God Or One To Behold
Fatinah - An Alluring And Fascinating Woman
Zauna - To Be Alive
Aaqilah - A Woman Who Is Extremely Intelligent.
Shefrin - A Well Behaved Woman.
Zoobia - One Who Has The Blessings Of The Almighty.
Aaseamah - The One Who Is Protector
Thuraiya - Star Of My Life
Fatimah - Accustom; Daughter Of The Prophet Muhammad; Captivating
Feryal - One Who Has The Beauty Of The Light
Refija - She Who Is Tall And Pretty.
Fahimah - She Who Knows A Lot And Is A Very Smart Person
Mojdeh - Good News Or One Who Brings Good News.
Brula - Pearl
Iraj - Flower Or Blossom.
Fadela - A Woman Who Is Known For Her Great Honor
Brekhna - Lightning Or Lightning Bolt
Aroofa - Knowledgeable, Patient And Wise Woman.
Bechara - Good News
Tasahni - A View Of Beauty
Ramineh - A Woman Of A Quiet And Peaceful Personality.
Ultuar - Give Birth To Boys
Lawita - Protect By Keeping A Close Watch
Enisa - Friend Or Companion
Budur - The Time Of The Full Moon
Shuhrah - A Woman With Impeccable Reputation
Jabmen - A Woman With A Big Forhead
Busrah - She Was Prophet'S Companion Who Lived Until The Era Of Muawiyah.
Feerozah - A Girl Who Is Like A Precious Stone
Aayat - Miracle Or Signs Of The Divine
Johi - Name Of A Flower Called Jasmine,Having Unique Fragrance
Diblin - The Fragrance Of Soul.
Abda - Being Really Extraordinary
Binti - Daughter
Tasneem - Fountain Of Paradise.
Zambak - Lily
Hutun - Ahe Is Like A Rainy Cloud
Awarif - A Woman Who Is Intelligent, Wise, And Knowledgeable.
Saimah - Fasting.
Sumayra - She Is Like A Little Fruit
Kebe - Strong Man With No Fear
Rabwah - Highland Or Hilly Area.
Suhad - A Sleepless Woman
Ghada - Graceful Young Girl
Elmedina - A Variant Of Almedina, Meaning One Who Is Devoted To Faith Or Civilized
Farkhandah - A Happy And Lucky Woman
Aheng - Harmony
Jama - God Is Gracious
Guita - World Or Universe. It'S Also A Kind Of Song.
Enas - One With A Friendly And Jovial Demeanor.
Nuru - Light
Shirat - Song
Fudayl - A Learned Or Scholarly Woman.
Fahmara - A Girl With A Great Intellect
Tikia - One Who Worships A Lot, A Worshipper
Latipah - One Who Is Gentle And Kind.
Zada - Fortunate, Prosperous; Huntress; Lucky One; To Increase; A Variant Spelling Of Zaida
Taalea - Involving Good Luck Or Fortune
Attarah - Perfume Seller Or Perfume Maker.
Apana - Pashto Term For Almond, Also Used As A Baby Girl Name
Talayah - Golden Ray Of The Sun
Shaidah - She Witnessed Something
Ruqayya - Prophet'S Female Child
Zuhra - Pashto Term For Venus Star
Tasheen - One Who Is Very Ambitious
Ashti - Peace
Batula - Virgin,Untainted, Immaculate
Zaha - Travelling Over A Dusty Sky; Satisfied; Peaceable; Peaceful; A Variant Spelling Is Zahaa
Manha - A Direction, A Path Of Life
Galiana - The Name Of A Moorish Princess
Nadira - The One Who Is Uncommon And Tough To Search.
Tarib - A Lively, Happy Woman
Thana' - The Death
Shafiqah - Compassionate, Kind One
Tamima - She Is A Complete Woman
Yusria - Highly Prosperous; Fortunate; Lucky; Well Destined
Taraji - Swahili Name Meaning Hope
Abbiegayle - Being Father'S Joy
Taghrid - Singing As A Bird
Thuwaibah - She Who Deserves God'S Gifts
Fahima - A Woman Of Great Intelligence And Knowledge
Fasiya - A Woman Of Gentle Nature
Souhayla - She Is A Star
Fazzilet - To Have Allah'S Blessings
Azade - Free And Independent
Bint - Daughter; Female
Aani - Aani Was The Name Of A Poetess And Scholar In Qastaniniyah.
Subayah - A Name Of The Narrator Of Hadith
Shaheena - Falcon
Basan - Beautiful
Orzala - The Light And Brightness Emitted By Fire.
Shanzai - Tree Of The Paradise
Indeela - Like A Nightingale.